Keep Restoring the Shore: 4 Orgs for Sandy Relief

Photo: Recover efforts on the boardwalk continue ahead of summer, May 2013. (Getty Images)

Photo: Recovery efforts continue on the boardwalk in May to get ready for summer. (Getty Images)

At the end of last year all you wonderful MTV activists came together to help “Restore the Shore” and we were able to raise some MAJOR money for Sandy Relief. Unfortunately, relief efforts are far from over, so we’ve put together a lil list of ways you can still take action.

+ Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund

This org is chaired by Mary Pat Christie, wife of NJ Governor Christie (and Kevin Jonas is on its Honorary Advisory Board!). Donations are key, but if you live in the New Jersey area, the website also offers volunteer opportunities. (Fingers crossed you end up in a volunteer opp with Kevin!)

+ Robin Hood Foundation

The Robin Hood Foundation helps in a lot of different areas (its senior vice president just published a book about giving), but there is a part of the site where you can donate specifically to help with Sandy relief. This org has already given more than $70 million to Sandy relief, which gives you an idea of how badly the Coast was hurt.

+ We Build New York

If you can’t afford to donate but live in the area affected by Sandy, are you up for some volunteer work? We Build New York could be a great opportunity for you if you live in or around NYC. The org asks that you email them at to get more info.

+ Architecture for Humanity

The money raised by MTV’s “Restore the Shore” went to Architecture for Humanity. So, while the Restore the Shore campaign has ended, AFH is still going strong in its work for Sandy relief. You can donate straight to them, and it would be most appreciated!

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Robin Hood Foundation

Robin Hood Foundation

Help the Robin Hood Foundation with its efforts toward Sandy relief!

take action

Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity

Donate to Architecture for Humanity to help with Sandy relief!