Katy Perry’s Barbie Doll Gives Back

Photo: (Buzznet/OLYCOM/PopEater)

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little Katys are made of. Well, just one little Katy. One inanimate, cupcake covered, blue-haired Katy, now up for bid for the 2011 Project Angel Food “Divine Design” Barbie Auction.

Following in the miniature high heeled footsteps of Nicki Minaj’s newly unveiled “true black Barbie,” issued with the same cause in mind. Since 1989, Project Angel Food has been serving up nutritious food to LA area residents affected by illness, particularly HIV/AIDS. The organization provides over 13,000 meals a week, ensuring that alongside all of the other trauma and struggle survivors must face, they won’t have to worry about being well-fed.

From now through December 19, the Dream Design auction will keep rolling out its dolls, one by one, until all 8 stand to tempt deep pockets with their one-of-a-kind glamour — and charitable impact. In just four days, Nicki’s doppleganger — “Her Minajesty” (could you die!?) — has raised $3,355. With two weeks left to go and an estimated value of $15K for each pop star’s doll, there’s no question that Project Angel Food will be getting a boost this holiday season.

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Learn About Project Angel Food

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