[VIDEO] What If ‘SNL’-Bound Karmin Were President For A Day?

Photo: (Getty Images)

Named one of 2011’s Breakout Bands by MTV Buzzworthy, Karmin is looking to breakout even further in 2012. They started by posting their covers of songs on YouTube, but look at them now–they gettin’ paperrrr! Also got’n by the duo/engaged couple: an American Music Award in New Media, a gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and…plans to run for U.S. President?!

Their cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” has garnered them over 56 million views on YouTube, and they’ll no doubt be stealing the hearts of millions when they perform “Broken Hearted” on SNL this weekend, so it seems as though that popular vote in November wouldn’t be that far of a stretch. But no, actually, they have no plans to run. Howeverrr, they did tell us what they’d do if they were to be President for a day. Watch the interview below, and don’t miss them on SNL tomorrow!

+ WATCH: Karmin shares what they’d do if they were President for a day.

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