Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years Since Kanye West Released ‘Slow Jamz’?


Photo: (MTV, Atlantic)

“Slow Jamz” — one of Kanye West‘s first hits, featuring Jamie Foxx and Twista — turns 10 years old today, making a lot of us wish we could slow down time.

Let’s take a look down memory lane, back when we all used to croon in unison, “She said she wants some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita, will definitely set this party off right. …”

+ Watch “Slow Jamz.

A lot has changed since “Slow Jamz” came out. First, nobody plays slow jams at parties any more. Although I like that today’s music encourages less back-to-front grinding with creepers and more jumping around with friends, the constant “Untz, untz, untz! Fist pump, fist pump, fist pump!” does sometimes make me miss the good ol’ days.

“Slow Jamz” was on Kanye’s debut album, The College Dropout. Yeezy used to be too cool for school, but time has changed his tune. His organization, Donda’s House, recently partnered with a Chicago church to provide free music lessons to underprivileged youth. “Art instruction and particularly music instruction leads people to become better problem solvers, more flexible,” Donnie Smith, executive director of Donda’s House told OK!  about the Got Bars program. “There are just so many outcomes that come from the study of music and particularly music writing.”


Photo: Baby Kanye! Is he gonna make North West wear a COLLEGE onesie?! (MTV)

Jamie Foxx had all kinds of movie and musical hits since 2003,winning an Academy Award for his incredible portrayal of Ray Charles in “Ray,” and scoring a number one song with “Blame It.” He recently won this year’s Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards. “Anytime somebody tells you that you can’t do something, make sure you do it,” he told the audience. “Because somebody told me that I wouldn’t be able to do music and movies.”


Photo: Mr. Foxx is all about that vinyl life. (MTV)

Only one question remains: Where’s Twista? Has he suffered irreparable tongue damage from rapping so fast, or is his label taking forever to release his ninth studio album, The Dark Horse?


Photo: Is Twista rapping or give us his “OH, HELL NAH” look? (MTV)

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