Started At The Bottom: Kanye West, Madonna + More Powerful Celebs’ Early Jobs

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

Way before Madonna, Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, President Obama and Beyoncé were Grammy/Oscar/Nobel Peace Prize-winning, each one of them helped boost the economy by working some rather interesting jobs. See, stars are just like us! They may be rich and fab now, but from the looks of it, Drake‘s lyrics ring true for these powerful stars.

While they once were glazing doughnuts, folding clothes at the Gap or working hard to develop a massive voice, each now works to bring light to their personal causes they believe in.

+ Madonna


The international superstar has been famous for many years, but it’s been quite the journey from where she came from. The on-again, off-again British-accented singer first began her career working at Dunkin Donuts. This didn’t last too long, though, as she was fired for squirting jelly on the customers! D’oh. Since then, Madonna has traveled the world and used her legacy to help those suffering around the world — from shining a light on Malawi, to heading to NYC after Superstorm Sandy to help rebuild.

+ Kanye West


Kim K’s main boo worked at the Gap when he was growing up, according to The Daily Beast. He even rapped about it on on his debut album The College Dropout: “Let’s go back, back to the Gap / Look at my check, wasn’t no scratch.” Although I can’t really picture Kanye working retail, I’d so be down if he created a fashion line that gives back! Maybe Kanye — who asked that gifts for his newborn go to charity — would go full circle and launch the line at Gap?

+ Jennifer Hudson


J.Hud is rumored to be in the running to join next season’s “American Idol” judging panel, but her career started as a burger flipper at none other than Burger King. Fun fact: Burger King honored her success by revealing that they will give her unlimited burgers for life. Although this is a nice gesture, these days Jennifer is all about being healthy and fit. Can we talk about how fab she looks? So amaz!

+ President Obama


Any guesses to what job President Obama first had back in Hawaii? (And yes, Trump, I said Hawaii.) Back in the day, Barack Obama scooped ice cream! But that’s all a thing of the past as the current President of the United States now handles tough issues like the battle over gun violence and affordable healthcare.

+ Beyoncé


Queen B may reign supreme in the music world, but it wasn’t always that way. Back in the day, our boo actually worked in her mother’s hair salon! She even revealed that her experience in the salon was a big reason why she has such motivation to give back. Since her days at the salon she has turned into a global inspiration all over the world. Just recently she sung her heart out at the Chime For Change event in London, which helped raise money for women’s organizations all over the world.

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