Justin Timberlake Joins Timbaland + Avicii at mPowering Action Launch

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Timbaland, Avicii, Justin Timberlake, and Agnes Monica were among the celeb guests who participated in the United Nations Foundation’s mPoweringAction Mobile Platform launch.

Not just another dating or gaming app, the revolutionary platform offers young people a place to discuss the issues most important to them, a global database of relevant individuals and organizations, and real-life answers and solutions to their concerns. “I hope that fans will be inspired and motivated to take positive action in their communities and around the world to help families, friends, and others in need,” said Avicii of the app, which hosts exclusive music and content to keep young people engaged.

Actress Monique Coleman, who is a spokeswoman for the platform, shares a similar sentiment. “I believe mPoweringAction can inspire this generation to become more engaged in social causes by reaching them through their mobile devices and giving them access to exclusive content,” she says. The app will also help the business, entertainment, and non-profit industries understand what causes young people really care about. With that information, they will be able to offer better solutions to our problems.

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