Justin Bieber Plays Beer Pong But There Are Stranger Things In That Photo

Photo: (Getty Images)

A photo recently surfaced of Justin Bieber playing beer pong. We’re sure he has been scolded enough times by mama Patty, manager Scooter, and the media, so let’s switch it up and have some fun with this. It’s time for a little game of, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

BTW JB, don’t try to pull that “but I’m from Canada” line on us, mister! In some parts of Canada, the legal drinking age is 18, but in Justin’s hometown (Ontario) it’s 19. Just sayin. So what else is interesting about the famed photo? Lemme break it down for you.

Photo: (TMZ)

+ He might not actually be playing beer pong.

He could just be chillin’ there, but if we’re keepin’ it real, the Biebz is in a near-perfect pre-shot stance. His slightly flexed right bicep suggests a firm grip on the ping-pong ball. His stern and steady facial expression means business. If Justin were my 21-year-old opponent at a weekend frat party, I would be verrrry afraid.

Beer pong is a staple amongst young partygoers, but Dr. Henry Wechsler of the Harvard School of Public Health wants you to remember that, “Because the games encourage you to consume larger amounts of alcohol in shorter periods of time than in other social settings, they increase the risk of injury.” If you’re a fan of frat basketball, stay aware of how much beer you drink throughout the night…or be like me and never lose.

+ The guy on the far right looks way too old to be at the party

Or maybe he’s just buff. Kids are growing up scary quick these days! (Behold: two eighth graders.) But did you know that it is illegal to purchase alcohol for minors? Whoever bought these kids booze could have gotten into some real trouble if he were caught doing it. He might get fined hundreds of dollars, or hell, even face a possible lawsuit from angry parents. In certain states like Michigan, furnishing liquor to minors is considered a crime and if a minor dies from alcohol you supplied, you might receive a felony offense with a prison sentence.

+ He is wearing a backpack 

We can’t technically prove that Justin Bieber broke any drinking laws, but he’s breaking all sorts of fashion laws wearing that backpack indoors. Or is wearing a backpack to parties cool now? All of the things that I was made fun of for in high school — my backpack, my glasses, my straight-leg high-waisted jeans — are suddenly hip. UNFAIR.

+ There are no girls at this party

Lame. But we still love ya, Justin.

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