[PHOTOS] Where Will The ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Be In 5 Years? We Predict!

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Wahhhhh. Grab a tissue (or a box full) because the final season of “Jersey Shore” has arrived. Over the past few years, many of the cast has moved onto new chapters — Snooki has a baby, JWoww is engaged, DJ Pauly D works with 50 Cent — but where will the cast be in 5 years? Here’s our predictions!

+ Snooki

Oh Snooks, we are going to miss you. Season 6 is a special one for Snooki because she is pregnant with her own lil’ meatball! We predict that in 5 years she will be following in the successful footsteps of none other than Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba you ask? Snooki will create a highly successful eco-friendly baby line aiming to one-up Jessica’s line, Honest Company.

+ Jenni “JWOWW”

First off, a huge congrats to JWOWW on her recent news — she’s getting married! Where will JWoww be in 5 years? Most likely saving the world one animal at a time. She will be living back in Jersey with her hubby at an animal sanctuary that she will open. JWOWW took the first steps recently, revealing three ways to help animals!

+ Vinny

As the seasons have unraveled, we have been able to see a much different side of Vinny after opening up about struggles with anxiety and connecting with many on anti-bullying issues. No doubt in 5 years Vinny will be abroad practicing meditation on the mountain tops and living a peaceful life. He started on this road not long ago during a sit-down with Deepak Chopra.

+ Mike “The Situation”

Season 6 is quite a big one for “The Situation” and for many good reasons. He recently revealed on “The Ellen Show” that he is eight months sober! We are guessing he will turn to feeding his body good stuff and open his own organic and wholesome Italian restaurant. The restaurant will be titled “Smush” (hehe) and located on the boardwalk! Bye, bye party life and HELLOOOO healthy living!

+ DJ Pauly D

*Cue the screaming girls* Pauly D has been taking over the DJ world one set at a time. We all know the dangers of tanning beds, so in 5 years Pauly will create his own all natural tanning lotion that tans without those harmful UV rays and toxic chemicals! Oh and of course, making everlasting music with Hollywood’s biggest singers, too. Duh!

+ Sammi “Sweetheart”

We have seen Sammi get all political on us in a recent Funny Or Die video, so it is just so fitting to see her run for office one day. Haters gonna hate, but we predict in 5 years we may be seeing her run for the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey! #MayorSammi2016?

+ Deena

Watch out Pamela Anderson! Deena Cortese is following in your fierce footsteps. The other half of Team Meatball was recently photographed rockin’ Pam’s famous red swimsuit revealing her much healthier and slimmed down bod! Soooooo, Deena in 5 years will be a certified CPR trainer and volunteer as a lifeguard manager down at the Jersey Shore — saving lives one slow-motion jog at a time. Werk it, gurl!

+ Ronnie

We all know Ronnie can break it down on a dance floor, so rightfully so in 5 years the lil’ gorilla will launch a fitness craze based off this smooth guido moves! It will help promote healthy lifestyles all while having fun. “Gangnam Style” is going to have a run for his money! (Have you seen Vinny dance the Gangnam yet?!)

Tune in to the season premiere tonight at 10/9c on MTV! The live party stream goes down right before the show starting at 8/7c with the cast and special guests!

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