How We Know Jennifer Lopez Will Pull Through Her Split With Marc Anthony

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We’re quite sad to be writing this post in the first place because, like our friends at MTV Buzzworthy, we can’t seem to wrap our heads around the news–Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have called it quits.

But–it took us all weekend to get into this mindset after going straight home to a bucket of ice cream after hearing the news–we don’t doubt that Jenny From The Block will pull through. Here are three reasons–and one picture–why:

+ Her career is blossoming. No. Actually, it’s exploding.

She’s worth millions, has multiple movie deals in the works, and her latest songs (“On The Floor” and “I’m Into You”) have both reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Dance-Club Songs chart. She’s even been called American Idol‘s best judge ever. Well, dang! Who needs a husband when you have all that? We’re sure that was her thinking, too…

+ Second, just look at her, for crying out loud!

+ She’s a very successful, strong woman who’s empowered millions of women worldwide.

She currently serves as an ambassador for The Venus Goddess Fund for Education, which “helps women across the world reach their full potential. Whether providing books for children in Third World countries, mentorship for teens or scholarships to women in need, the opportunity to improve lives is endless.” J.Lo herself is encouraging women to submit their Goddess stories online–for each story, the Venus Goddess Fund will give $1 to The Step Up Women’s Network and the Maribel Foundation.

+ She’s got fans who have her back, no matter what.

Jennifer was recently spotted alongside Denzel Washington, Mario Lopez, Ashanti and more posing for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America alumni photos. In celebration of the singer-actress-fashionista-dancer-judge-mom’s 42nd birthday, her fans started an online fundraiser to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide. With a week to go, Beyond-Beautiful J.Lo has brought JLovers together and surpassed its $1,500 goal! Now that’s love.

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Tell Your Goddess Story

Tell Your Goddess Story

Share your goddess moments. For every story submitted, $1 will be donated to the Venus Goddess Fund for Education.