Jennifer Hudson + Her Sis Give Back To Thousands of Students!

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“Hatch Day” has been a big part of Jennifer Hudson’s life. It was a day where her entire family would come together to celebrate JHud’s nephew’s birthday, but this would all change in 2008. In October of that year, Jennifer’s nephew, Julian D. King, along with her mother and brother, were found murdered in Chicago. Through this pain, Jennifer decided to turn it into something bigger than herself.

Since “Hatch Day” meant so much to her nephew, she decided she would go forward celebrating his birthday by helping others. For the past four years now, “Hatch Day” has been a thriving philanthropic event in Chicago where Jennifer, along with her sister Julia, rally the community together to give back to the students. As each child lines up, they all get new school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Oh, and did we mention how many kids were a part of the event? Nearly 8,100 students received new supplies! Jennifer said, “Our goal each year is very simple. We want these kids to know we are here for them and paying attention to their needs. If one child walks away with that feeling, then we’ve been successful. Chicago needs positive support more than ever and we hope that by doing this, we can encourage the next generation to keep on in that direction.”

To learn more about the important work Jennifer is up to, take action below. Bravo to Jennifer for launching such an inspiring movement!

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Julian King Gift Foundation

Julian King Gift Foundation

Help kids in need with Jennifer Hudson's organization.