Jenna Ushkowitz: ‘Save The Elephants!’

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

“Glee”‘s Jenna Ushkowitz is taking to social media to help save our planets beautiful elephants.

The talented actress Tweeted,

Help @KristinDavis save the elephants. Donate whatever you can! Read all about it here:

— Jenna Ushkowitz (@JennaUshkowitz) September 1, 2013

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis has launched a Crowdrise to help raise awareness awareness about the plight African elephants are facing. Poaching has turned into a massive problem, and within 50 years the World Wildlife Fund estimates that we could see a complete extinction. Kristin’s Crowdrise states, “Did you know that elephants will soon be extinct? Every 15 minutes an elephant is brutally killed for it’s tusks.  Everyday elephants are being attacked by poachers with poisoned arrows, spears, deadly snares and guns.”

The money raised will benefit The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and be used to purchase a helicopter to help save the injured elephants. Along with helping with the hurt elephants, the helicopter will be used to spot the poachers in order to arrest them. Such an important cause to support — love that Jenna is helping Kristin spread the word!

Are you all excited about the upcoming season of “Glee”? We are SO thrilled to hear about Demi joining! It’s going to be a great season, but will never be the same without Cory. Such a sad loss.

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Hands Off My Parts

Hands Off My Parts

Get involved with the Hands Off My Parts campaign to save elephants, rhinos and tigers from poaching.