R. Kelly’s Son Announces He Is Transgender


R. Kelly’s teen son Jay just became a hero to transgender activists and allies when he announced that he was transgender.

Jay, who is just shy of turning 14, was born in a biologically female body and given the name Jaya. But he knew since an early age that he was really male, and now he’s ready to tell the world.

He’s getting support from his mom and sister. “She was very proud of me,” he revealed about his mother. “I was like, ‘Thank you mom for accepting the fact that I’m a transgender.'”

His sister is also accepting, but it sounds like things aren’t so easy with his dad, R. Kelly. According to Jay, his dad has not reached out to him.

Jay fielded a number of questions at ask.fm, and many people left comments there thanking him for what he’s doing. One person wrote, “I’m ftm [female to male] from Italy, and you are such an inspiration for me, you are very lucky Jay, unfortunately my parents are not like yours”. Jay responded, “You’ll make it through this bro don’t worry, many people will find you to be talented, funny, great, and nice you are i know how it feels to not be accepted, but you gotta push through, you gotta keep going, and thankyou btw!”

Another person wrote in, “:) well done for having the courage to publicly announce this Jay! Very brave. Remember a lot of people support you, so ignore any bullies!” And Jay sounds pretty on top of things, judging by his answer, “I dont pay my mind to bullies, and thankyou so much!”

Congrats to Jay for his bravery and for standing up for transgender rights!

Photo: Instagram

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