Selfless Snaps: Jared Leto Wants You To Be True To Yourself

Jared Leto knows the power of being true to yourself. He’s worked hard and followed his dreams, and he’s always ready to encourage others to be true to themselves, too.

Jared tweeted this pretty sexy pic and advice:

He also recently filmed a short vid about being yourself for Bystander Revolution, which combats bullying.

+ Watch Bystander Revolution: Jared Leto | Owning Yourself

“You know, as a kid who was pretty different himself, I think that, you know, what I would tell people that are individuals out there is, you know you’re the ones who inherit the earth, and believe in yourself and be patient and be as different as you want to be,” he says in the vid. “You have every right to do that, and it may be difficult and lonely at times, but there is no greater privilege than owning yourself.”

So what has being true to himself helped Jared accomplish? Well, he’s a successful actor and musician. He’s won both at the Academy Awards and the MTV Movie Awards. And, ya know, he also just seems like an all-around happy and cool guy.

So what is it that makes you a unique individual? What are your interests and what things make you happy? These are things to be treasured, not things to be pushed aside because not everyone else is into what you’re into. Jared Leto hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

Photo: (Hollywood Reporter)

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