J. Lo Celebrates ‘Greatest Hits,’ Birthday; We Celebrate Her Impact Through The Years

Photo: Jennifer Lopez at the VMAs through the years. (Getty)

You will live, you will love, you will dance again. And change the world. That’s basicallyyy Jennifer Lopez‘s life motto. The recently retired “American Idol” judge, Forbes’ most influential celebrity, and global chart topper with hits like “On The Floor” and “Jenny From The Block” turns 27-ish years today — the same day her “Dance Again: The Hits” package hits stores! Naturally, we’re celebrating with our fave videos and moments in J.Lo’s romp-shaking change-making career.

With every album, with every break-up, with every milestone, Jen finds a story to tell AND makes it into a hit. And with every video, every film, every move she makes, she finds a way to improve the lives as others. So throw on a Yankee cap and/or your Louboutins, turn up the volume, and treat yourself to some of Jennifer’s greatest hits as we take you through her greatest philanthropic moments!

Don’t miss the premiere of her latest video, “Goin’ In” featuring Flo Rida, during an MTV First presentation tomorrow (July 25) at 7:50pm on MTV! A 30-minute interview with Jennifer will follow on MTV.com.

+ On The 6
The hit: “Waiting For Tonight”
The action: goes wild in the jungle.

The Amazon Jungle is home to colorfully vibrant macaws and frogs, as well as predators like anacondas and cougars. While she’s probs associated most with the latter, she’s done nothing but show the Amazonian region some love. Alongside Latin artists like Shakira, Ricky Martin, and ex-hubby Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez joined the Latin American Solidarity Action Foundation in raising over $200 million to improve healthcare in the continent’s most needed areas. She also helped bring awareness to the region’s music and culture on “Q’Viva: The Chosen,” a reality entertainment show that went deep into remote areas of Latin America to uncover talents gone unseen and unappreciated by the rest of the Americas.

+ J. Lo
The hit: “I’m Real”
The action: keeps it real with the kids.

Through her child and women empowerment org, The Lopez Family Foundation, J. Lo has paid visits to children’s hospitals to greet young patients while launching telemedicine programs in effort to connect hospitals in developing countries with advanced, quality healthcare. “Let’s Get Loud,” also a track off of her J. Lo album, was used by a Staten Island teacher at a school for autistic children to improve their coordination and listening. Much to their surprise, Jenny hit up her neighboring block to perform the hit song with them in class.

+ This Is Me…Then
The hit: “Jenny From The Block”
The action: reconnects with her roots.

When launching This Is Me…Then, Jennifer want back to her local Boys & Girls Club on release day to set the album’s mood, but also to show her appreciation to an organization that helped shape her and open her eyes to the world of performing arts. Last year, she became the Boys & Girls Clubs of America‘s first ever female ambassador and joined dozens of fellow BGCA alumni (Ne-Yo, Ashanti, Shaq, Smokey Robinson, and more!) on the set of a new PSA.

+ Rebirth
The hit: “Get Right”
The action: flaunts infamous abs.

It takes hard work and dedication if you want to rock a nice set of abs. Jennifer, the now 43-year-old mother of two, doesn’t just have a nice set of abs — they’re arguably some of the best in the biz. And she’s earned ‘em! Five months after giving birth to twins Max and Emme, she completed a triathalon — half-mile ocean swim, an 18-mile bike ride, and a 4-mile run — and personally raised $127,000 to benefit children’s hospitals. Mama can werk!

+ Como Ama Una Mujer
The hit: “Me Haces Falta”
The action: brings man to justice.

Como Ama Una Mujer was J. Lo’s first (and only, so far) full-length album in Spanish. She also turned the album into a Spanish-language mini-series of the same name, hugely popular in Mexico — the country subject of her 2006 film, “Bordertown.” In the film, she plays a reporter putting her life at risk while reporting on hundreds of violent crimes against female factory workers in Ciudad Juarez. Like her character in the film, Jennifer took up the role to break the silence on the issue, earning La Lopez Amnesty International’s “Artists for Amnesty” Award in 2007.

+ Brave
The hit: “Do It Well”
The action: tackles forced child labor.

The president of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children estimates that 100,000 to 300,000 American kids, some as young as 12 years old, are at risk of being exploited in the sex trade each year. In the video for “Do It Well” (above) Jenny kicks down the doors to an S&M club to rescue a child forced to work in the venue’s kitchen after receiving a text warning her he’s in danger. It’s an issue that very often goes unnoticed, but leave it to Jennifer to bring it to your attention in a music video for a song having nothing to with the subject matter. Like with “Bordertown,” if it needs to be talked about, it will be talked about.

+ Love?
The hit: “I’m Into You”
The action: shows the Gulf of Mexico some love.

From the big BP oilspill to Hurricane Katrina to the earthquake that hit Haiti, the Gulf of Mexico and it’s neighboring coastal regions have been hit quite hard in recent memory. A long time supporter of the Children’s Health Fund, Ms. Lopez rallied alongside Paul Simon to provide relief and healthcare to children and the elderly after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. She also rushed to Haiti’s side after the earthquake in early 2010, appearing in a CNN telethon answering phones and speaking to viewers rallying support. “It just feels so huge, and you just want to do anything you can and I urge everybody to do the same,” she shared. “Every little bit helps.”

What has been your favorite Jennifer Lopez song over the years? Let us know below in the comments!

Watch a sneak peek of Jennifer Lopez’s latest video, “Goin’ In” featuring Flo Rida, and tune in to MTV First tomorrow (July 25) at 7:50pm on MTV! A 30-minute interview with Jennifer will follow on MTV.com.

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