Why We LOVED the It Gets Better Special

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Wow. Were you as touched by the “It Gets Better” special as I was? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, MTV aired a one-hour special tonight that highlights the It Gets Better Project, a website and movement founded by Dan Savage, famed sex columnist and upcoming host of a new MTV series, “Savage U” — and his very adorable partner Terry Miller. Trust me, Terry is super cute (I met him in person. #HumbleBrag.) It Gets Better’s mission is to help LGBT teens realize that no matter how difficult things may seem, life does get better.

The It Gets Better Project has become a worldwide movement since it launched via YouTube in September 2010. Thousands of people have uploaded videos including Lady Gaga, President Barack Obama, Adam Levine (“HS f***ing sucked,” he declared), and MTV’s very own Vinny Guadagnino. The project has even spawned a book, “It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living.” And let’s not forget that the best commercial ever was born from the project.

But I’m digressing here. Did you like the It Gets Better special too?! I could relate to Vanessa’s frustrations with her super strict and conservative yet gentle mom, Valerie, who doesn’t approve of her relationship with her girlfriend, Rashaida — or for that matter, her sexual preferance. I also grew up with a strict, religious mama. “I’m tired of feeling like an outcast,” said Vanessa about her relationship with her mom.”I think my mom is embarrassed of me. I KNOW she’s embarrassed of me,” she added.

And how brave is Greg, the beloved student body class president who also plays tennis, jazz, is in the marching band and a member of 324,253 other clubs. I was kinda nervous when he decided to come out to his classmates (goosebumps rose on my arms) but they gave him a Kanye shrug (in a good way), not fussing over his coming out — instead showing him support and respect.

And I won’t lie guys: Aydian’s story made me tear up. It’s hard to comprehend that he and Jenilee (pictured above), a couple so crazy in love, are worried they can’t get married because Aidan’s identification lists him as a female. Aidan also made me realize how insensitive we can be towards transgender people: Casually asking about pre-op or post-op surgeries or other very personal questions that we normally wouldn’t ask anyone else.

Bottom line: All three people truly exemplified that it really does get better #RealTalk. I thought the special was eye-opening, touching and relatable. I know I’m biased but let me know your thoughts in the poll below and while you’re at it please, please, take action to make things better. All it takes is a Tweet or uploading a video.

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Help Make Things Better

Help Make Things Better

Check out our It Gets Better action guide for ways you can take action right now to make things better.