Invisible No More: Kristen Bell Wants to Save the World + Hold Your Hand While Doing It

Photo: (YouTube/PrizeoTV)

Photo: (YouTube/PrizeoTV)

She just proposed to her future husband last week, but now Kristen Bell totally wants to date you. Dax Shepard is giving his human rights-loving lady a pass for a night, and it’s all for an amazing cause.

Thanks to a new Prizeo campaign, you can hold hands with the “Veronica Mars” actress AND help Invisible Children save the world at the same time. Can you say “best date ever”?

Invisible Children is all about ending the LRA conflict in Africa. This August the nonprofit organization is hosting its Fourth Estate Leadership Summit, a conference where students and educators will attend workshops and talk social justice with big-name activists, celebs and speakers. The organization called in some A-list support for the event, which means Bell will be joined by the likes of Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush and even The Buried Life boys!

But back to your platonic-but-still-awesome date with Kristen Bell. All you have to do for your chance to attend the summit with the best date ever is donate to the Prizeo campaign. What’s even better is there are guaranteed prizes when you donate a certain amount! For example, if you’ve been looking for that perfect I Heart KB shirt that also features an adorable sloth, well we’ve got good news for you: Donate $50 and it’s yours! If sloths aren’t your style, donate $25 to get a personalized thank-you video from Bell!

+ Watch Kristen Bell Talk About Your Future Date

Invisible Children’s goal for this campaign is at least $50,000, so any amount helps! The money raised will go to support several of the organization’s protection programs, including the defection fliers and FM Radios. These efforts are vital, because 79 percent of the combatants leaving the LRA cite the defection fliers as the reason for escaping, while 89 percent also cite the FM Radio messaging!

If you can’t afford to contribute to the campaign right now, don’t worry! Invisible Children plans to use Prizeo’s platform again in the future, so keep an eye out because your favorite celeb might be featured in the next campaign!

For more information, check out the campaign page as well as the action widgets below. And if you win the date with Kristen Bell, promise us one thing? Give her hand an extra squeeze from us!

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Follow Invisible Children on Twitter. They use film and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony's rebel war.