The Invisible Children Video Everyone Is Talking About: Who Is Joseph Kony?

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Rihanna, Pete Wentz, Jersey Shore‘s Deena, and countless others are all talking about Invisible Children’s new film. Released on Monday, the 30-minute film brings to the world’s attention the atrocious crimes and violence going on in Uganda led by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and its leader, Joseph Kony. The film’s goal: make Kony famous.

Invisible Children is aiming “to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.” And all 30-minutes are proving to be worthwhile. Juliette Lewis tweeted, “I just watched this in full. SO well made. 2gether we can actually make this happen!” Countless people flooded to the site with all the celebrity attention, as Zachary Levi shared, “I think their site is getting so much traffic, which is awesome, that those links aren’t working.”

Have you had a chance to watch the film? What is the LRA and what are they doing exactly? And who is Joseph Kony? Watch and learn more about Joseph Kony, the LRA, and what you can do to help below.

+ WATCH: Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 film.

5 Facts about Joseph Kony
Sources: NY Times; Global Grind.

+ Joseph Kony’s followers believe him to be a prophet despite the fact that he and his militia have killed tens of thousands people in at-least four countries in central Africa.

+ Joseph Kony’s militia is called the Lord’s Resistance Army. He considers both himself and his cause to be a Christian cause; he insists that Uganda must be ruled by the law of the Ten Commandments.

+ The International Criminal Court indicted Kony for war crimes in 2005, but he evaded capture.

+ Kony has abducted over 66,000 young girls for sex slaves and young boys to train and use as child soldiers since 1986.

+ In total, two million people have been displaced, because of the LRA rebellion which began back in 1986.

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