[INTERVIEW] Mandy Moore Discusses Her Work To End Malaria

Photo: (UN Foundation/Nothing But Nets)

On World Malaria Day, Mandy Moore joined a handful of celebs and young people in Times Square as Nothing But Nets–the UN Foundation’s effort to end malaria worldwide–celebrated their “25 champions” in the fight against malaria. Act caught up with the singer and “Tangled” star to discuss why she’s so committed to this cause.

It was after a trip to southern Sudan with Population Services International (PSI) that Mandy Moore decided to commit herself to the eradication of this disease. Moore explained: “the simple fact that every 45 seconds a child in Africa dies [of] an entirely treatable disease…and that with just $10 you can send a net and save a life” made getting involved with the cause “a no-brainer.”

1 out of every 4 childhood deaths in Africa is due to malaria, which is spread through bites from infected mosquitoes. Along with PSI, the Nothing But Nets grassroots campaign has impacted millions of families in the region, delivering bed nets that keep malaria-carrying mosquitoes from infecting people while they sleep at night. With the help of Nothing But Nets and its global supporters, there has recently been a 50 percent reduction in contraction rates, a staggering statistic given that the use of nets is such a simple concept.

When praised for becoming a Nothing But Nets champion, Mandy Moore responded, “I’m happy to use this crazy platform I have to spread the word. But really I’m just representing all the real champions, the mothers I met on my trip [to Africa]…the women who are able to use the nets to protect their families.”

Moore’s champion photo, shot by renowned photographer Platon, will hang in the halls of the United Nations (and flash on the Toshiba plasmas in Times Square) along with photos of basketball star Dikembe Mutombo and 12-year-old malaria awareness activist Nathaniel Stafford until May 22.

Know someone who’s a leader in the fight against malaria? Visit NothingButNets.net to nominate them for the 25th champion title! Get more ideas for taking action on malaria prevention on Act.

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Buy A Net, Save A Life

Buy A Net, Save A Life

Buy a net for $10 and help protect a family from malaria.