[INTERVIEW] Josh Hutcherson On #DSAwards Nomination, Being Straight But Not Narrow

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Josh Hutcherson is not only one of 2012’s most talked about actors, catching the hearts of million’s across the world (including us), he also is one of the most charitable young change-makers around! Josh burst onto the scene playing the role of Peeta in “The Hunger Games,” but what he does off screen makes our lil’ hearts fill with joy!

The breakout hunk has dived into the world of charity by working extremely close with the incredible people over at Straight But Not Narrow, which his buddy Avan Jogia founded. What I love about SBNN is the fact it’s all about straight allies (like Josh) standing up for their LGBT peers — an A-MAZ-ING way to help create positive change.

Josh is nominated for Male Film Star at tomorrow night’s Do Something Awards for his inspiring work with SBNN. We love a Hollywood hunk who also gives back, so we just hadddd to him about, well, everything. And I’m sure the army of “Hunger Games” fans isn’t complaining either! Without further ado, here is my interview with the one…THE ONLY… Josh Hutcherson! *cues the screams*

ACT: You are nominated for Male Film Star at VH1’s Do Something Awards for your work with Straight But Not Narrow. (Congrats!) Tell us a little why you are so passionate about this cause! What does it mean to you?

JOSH: I have always believed in standing up for what I believe in and I believe that everyone deserves the right to love whoever they love no matter who they are. SBNN is great because it reaches out to the straight community to spread the word about rising up and saying you have the right to be you.

ACT: Many teens are faced with the plight of bullying growing up. Was bullying ever an issue with you? What advice do you have for those currently going through it?

JOSH: I was very fortunate and didn’t personally encounter any bullies in school, however bullies exist in many ways in life. I think the best thing you can do is be secure in who you are and realize that the person who is bullying is the one you should feel sorry for their lack of knowledge. Bullies are just ignorant.

ACT: Straight But Not Narrow is an organization you work very closely with. Why do you feel it is so important for straight guys like you to take a stand? 

JOSH: I think it’s important because I want the LGBT community to know they have allies in the straight community. I also feel that the most hate is perpetuated by the straight community so I think reaching out to the “haters” is important. I try to broaden people’s horizons.

ACT: What is next for SBNN? Any big goals lined up that you want to see carried out?

JOSH: We’d love to go out to schools across the country to talk with GSA’s to hear their stories and help raise their popularity amongst teens. Also going to schools to help start GSA’s as well would be great. On top of that just overall reaching out to more people to spread the word about the importance of being a straight ally.

ACT: If you could have coffee with the president what insight would you share with him about what you have learned from SBNN?

JOSH: I’ve learned a lot about how people have to fight through their whole lives just to be themselves. I’ve also learned first hand how much being a straight ally can really affect someone and make a difference.

ACT: You’re a big advocate of LGBT rights and have also been recognized by GLAAD. Any advice on how your fans, whether gay or straight, can get involved with LGBT rights?

JOSH: I think the best thing you can do is make everyone in your life aware that you support the LGBT community. When friends hear that straight people they love and care about support the LGBT community, it makes them more into it and aware, which in turn can lead to their support. Also just having an open, honest conversation with someone who maybe isn’t yet a straight ally.

ACT: Can you give us any hints of what’s in store for Peeta fans with the next “Hunger Games” film, “Catching Fire.”

JOSH: I can’t really give away anything awesome yet. Just that the script kicks ass and I love all the new cast members and I’m stoked to get started.

Tune in to the Do Something Awards on Tuesday, August 21 at 9/8c on VH1! And join us on Twitter as “Awkward.” star Jessica Lu live-tweets from our @MTVact page.

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