[Interview] Inocente Talks About Life After Her Film, How To Help Homeless + More

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It’s already a tough time when you’re teen. But imagine that you’re an undocumented teen. Without a home or father around. Helping your mom, who you constantly fight with and taking care of three younger brothers.

For Inocente Izucar, a 15-year-old undocumented homeless teen, this was her life. Until her art transformed her life. It’s all captured in the mind-blowing documentary, “Inocente.”

As I mentioned before, the film takes you on a colorful, beautiful, tear-inducing and eye-opening journey into Inocente’s world. The struggles she faces living as a homeless teen, one who never lived in a home for more than 3 months. The struggles she faces as a teen whose mother doesn’t understand her. You get a glimpse of how art transforms Inocente and how she comes to life when she paints.

We caught up with the now 18-year-old Inocente when she was in New York City recently to promote the film. It was her first time ever on a plane! Wondering what’s she’s been up to since the film aired? According to the New York Times, “In addition to earning money from odd jobs, she is now able to support herself on her paintings, which sell for $25 to $5,000 apiece.” “I feel like they’re overpriced,” Inocente admitted to the Times. “especially because I like to give paintings away.” Ha! Well hear what else she has to say about life after the film!

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In the film we watch as Inocente struggles with living with her mom as they have never stayed in one home for longer than three months. Wondering what’s up with their relationship these days? We asked her about that too.

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The New York Times (yeah, we keep shouting them out in this story) mentioned that “1 in 45 children in the United States live on the street, in shelters or in motels.” And think about it: How many of us have ignored a homeless person on the street. Turned our heads away or just kept our white earbuds in as we walked past a person in need of food, drink, money or medcine?! I’ve done it more times than I’d like to admit. In the video below Inocente explains how you and I can help the homeless.

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If you loved “Inocente” as much as I did and want to help out in any of the issues discussed in the film like homelessness, immigration or art education, check out our action guide that’s tied around the film! What did you think of the film? Let us know and thanks for watching!

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Learn More About Inocente

Learn More About Inocente

Learn more about the film "Inocente" and how to get involved with homelessness, arts education and immigration.

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ARTS: A Reason To Survive

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