[Interview] Buckwild’s Shae On Karma Points & What Kind Of People She Won’t Pay Attention To

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Yup, we’re still mourning the fact that “BUCKWILD” season one is over!! Until season 2 rolls around we know that the girls on the show are not sitting still though!

And they’re doing more than just mudding in cars and swimming in dump truck pools! Case in point: Shae Bradley. The blonde-haired beauty is rolling up her sleeves up for the greater good of her home state, West Virginia!

Shae helps out at soup kitchens and Habitat for Humanity and she’s a big believer that we could all use karma points! She’s not alone in helping others out either. We talked to Katie about why she helps students with learning disabilities, Anna on her passion for helping shelter dogs including her dog, Lilly (Obvs!) and how Cara saves lives through music. Below is our interview with Shae in which she talks more about giving back, dating-dealbreakers and the types of people she won’t pay ANY attention to!

Photo: Shae relaxing in Sissonville, WV. (MTV)

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ACT: What makes you want to take action and give back to your community?

SHAE: I’m really blessed and want to help people who aren’t as fortunate as I am. If the situation was reversed I would hope people would be kind to me, too.

ACT: Tell us about volunteering with soup kitchens and Habitat For Humanity. Why those causes?

SHAE: They are the most easily accessible volunteer opportunities in the area. I love that I am directly helping those in need when I volunteer at soup kitchens on holidays as well as at Habitat.

ACT: How do you convince friends and other young people to participate in volunteer activities?

SHAE: It’s actually a lot of fun to give back! If that isn’t enough for them then I would remind them we need all the karma points we can get!

ACT: Why was it important for you to continue your education as a nursing student?

SHAE: I’m taking a break from school now. I will definitely go back in the future. My education is very important to me and one of my passions.

ACT: How do you handle the haters and negativity in general about the show?

SHAE: People who force their negative views on the world are just sad people. I don’t pay any attention to them.

ACT: Would you ever date someone who didn’t volunteer?

SHAE: I would date someone who didn’t volunteer but I would definitely prefer someone who values the community and wants to give back to it.

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Habitat for Humanity

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