[INTERVIEW] Creator of Barack Obama ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video Talks Viral Success

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Before this came into our life, we missed it so bad. The vid of Barack Obama rocking out Carly Rae Jepsen’s mega pop hit “Call Me Maybe” has nearly 5 million views in less than 2 days — so looks like America was REALLY ready to see the Prez take on this catchy Canadian tune!

No doubt it’s been a big week for our buddy Fadi Saleh, the 19-year-old rising sophomore behind these Presidential cyber karaoke sessions, Baracksdubs. He’s seen legit viral action with his past YouTubery, but when Fadi dropped the winner of our contest to choose his next interwebz hit, it straight blew UP. So we decided to catch up with him real quick and get an update on the cray Carly Rae aftermath — so check out the interview below with this up-and-coming collegiate Youtube star and get motivated to make some pop political magic of your own!

ACT: Has this video gone viral faster than your other dub videos? It’s getting a ton of cyber shout-outs!

FADI: It definitely has. All the coverage its gotten since Monday has really shot it up, more views in the first day than the “Born This Way” and “Sexy and I Know It” videos did in their first day combined? I can deal with that. So much has been done with “Call Me Maybe” already that I was surprised that this video was still something special.

ACT: What are some of the weird and rando responses you’ve gotten to the video?

FADI: I’ve gotten lots of overly positive comments for the video, but I enjoy reading the more zany responses and comments.  One comment I get from time to time is the “too much time on your hands” comment, and all I have to say to that is that this isn’t the only thing I’m involved with. And this is fun! I’ve also gotten random “Ron Paul 2012″ and “YOLO” sightings for some reason. My favorite response was a message from a “mswockaflockaflame,” saying: “i think your mean by posting them videos of obama an who are you anyway.” I just laughed.

Now all I need is for Obama to call me, maybe. Carly Rae will do, too.

ACT: So what’s next for Baracksdubs? Are you taking on other politicians, specifically Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney? 

FADI: I have plans for videos that step out of the “Barack” realm. So expect a lot more very soon!

ACT: What has this exposure done for you as a college student?

FADI: I try to separate my college life from my YouTube shenanigan s– in vain usually. People are starting to know me by my videos, so I’ll just have to make sure that it’s not the only thing I’m involving myself with.

ACT: How do you feel about what this video has done in terms of getting kids talking about politics?

FADI: I was surprised to find some comments in my video that show some actual interest from younger people to, if nothing else, learn more about the candidates. Unfortunately, they seem to be overshadowed by the louder, angrier comments like “Obama’s ruining the world” or “Romney is soulless” from people who use the internet to complain.

+ WATCH (Again): Barack Obama Singing “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson

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