[Interview] Barackdubs Scores Again After Obama Win With MC Hammer Video

Photos: (Getty)

Fadi Saleh, the video maven behind Barackdubs, has done it again! He’s had President Barack Obama lip-dubbed to Lady Gaga (7.6 million views), LMFAO (19.1 million views), Justin Bieber (6.4 million views), and — in a video which premiered here on Act — Carly Rae Jepsen (a staggering 31.7 million views). And now, he’s already raked up 2.4 million views in five days with MC Hammer‘s “Can’t Touch This,” Obama-style!

+ Watch ELECTION SPECIAL: Barack Obama Singing Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, you know what that means?! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!! OF BARACKDUBS! Oh, the possibilities. I mean, Ke$ha does indeed have new music coming and I wouldn’t mind Obama showering himself in glitter… Whadda ya think, Fadi?

We got the chance to catch up with Fadi after Obama’s big win last week. Check out what he has in store below!

ACT: So now what? Barack Obama has be re-elected as president. That means you got four more years as Barackdubs. What are you going to do with your YouTube channel now? Any plans to expand the Barackdubs brand?

FADI: Barack Obama’s still the rockstar, so I’ll definitely continue doing videos with him. I’ve been thinking about quite a few other types of videos. Expect Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden soon! I’ll be doing a little video for Smile Train near the end of November, as well. It should be fun, and hopefully, it’ll benefit the cause. Additionally, I’ve been looking at dubbing different movies and TV shows. Expect the brand to expand for sure. Stay tuned!

ACT: It’s been quite the year for you! What have been some of the best comments you received on YouTube? Any fans inspired to go out and vote because of your videos?

FADI: I’ve enjoyed the “RON PAUL 2012″ comments that seem pretty consistent through all my videos. On one my videos, I got a full week where most of the comments were in Polish. “Greetings from Poland” and “POLSKAAAAA” were common. And I’ve gotten a lot of people who’ve said they’re going to vote for Obama because of my videos so that “they get 4 more years of baracksdubs!” Hoping my videos aren’t the only decision makers here, but hey, at least they’re voting!

ACT: This is your first time voting, right? How did it go? Were you stoked? Did it have more meaning since you’ve been immersed with the election since January?

FADI: It was! I was excited to finally be able to do my part as a citizen, despite two hours of confusion at the polling place. My involvement with baracksdubs, based on the sheer fact that I was immersed with speeches from both Obama and Romney for months, helped me make my overall decision on Election Day.

ACT: People got heated over the election on online. How do you handle all the heated comments and complaints about the candidates. I really wanted to delete some fools on my FB account! Are you just used to it by now? Do you ignore them?

FADI: I’m a little ambivalent about it. Ideally, a debate about the candidates can be good for both people debating. They can trade their ideas and opinions about the candidates, and influence each other’s vote. But in reality, these Facebook and Youtube debates involve annoyed shouting rather than heated discussion. Both sides get nowhere, and everyone’s angry. Some of those arguments are fun to read though.