[Interview] Awkward’s Ashley Rickards Talks Pet Adoption + Love at First Sight

Photos: (Getty, Ashley Rickards)

Photos: (Getty, Ashley Rickards)

The MTV fam loves shelter pets! After Vinny of “The Show with Vinnyadopted his dog, Tita, and became an ambassador for North Shore Animal League, we got more great news when “Awkward” star Ashley Rickards adopted a three-legged cat named Trinny from Kitten Rescue.

Each year about three to four million shelter animals are put to sleep. It’s a horrifying number to any animal lover, and the immediate things you can do to help the situation are 1) adopt a shelter pet (if you have the space, money and commitment to do so), and 2) make sure your pets are spayed or neutered. We got the chance to chat with Ashley, and she told us all about what it’s like to experience love at first sight with a cat, the importance of adopting shelter pets and why handicapped animals need a second chance!

ACT: What made you decide to adopt a pet?

ASHLEY: There are so many animals up for adoption, and so many are found on the streets and then put in a cage for two weeks until they are put down. It was important for me to adopt a handicapped cat, as they have less of a chance of adoption. Trinny only has three legs, and I’m so thrilled to have her and give her the love she deserves.

ACT: How did you hear about Kitten Rescue, and how can others get involved in its mission?

ASHLEY: I researched no-kill shelters and found Kitten Rescue online. They not only have cats, but also dogs. It’s easy to get involved, from becoming a foster mom to simply volunteering at the shelter or spreading the word via social media to raise money for this amazing rescue center.

ACT: Have you always been a cat fan? Do you have any other pets?

ASHLEY: My boyfriend and I have watched “America’s Cutest Cat” competition. … So, yeah. I’m a cat person.

ACT: Was it love at first sight between you and Trinny? Do tell!

ASHLEY: Yes! I saw a picture of her online at the shelter’s website and something clicked: “That’s my cat!” So I filled out the adoption application and, soon enough, Trinny was home. She’s the sweetest cat ever. I really lucked out.

ACT: How did Trinny get her name?

ASHLEY: She was with the shelter for a while and they just named her that. It’s a great name and I wasn’t planning on changing it.

ACT: Why is important to adopt a pet from a shelter?

: It’s important to adopt from a shelter because there are simply too many animals being bred for show or pet stores. By adopting an animal, you are taking a step toward lowering the population or, rather, overpopulation, of animals.

ACT: Now that “Awkward’s” mid-season finale is over, what are you doing for the rest of summer?

ASHLEY: Hanging with my cat. Haha. I’ll be writing, and working on a new movie, both of which I can’t disclose too much about.

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Kitten Rescue

Kitten Rescue

Check out Kitten Rescue! You can adopt, volunteer, donate and more!

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Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet

If you’re ready to adopt (think long and hard about it first!), PetFinder.com matches potential owners with rescue animals of all varieties.