Independence Day Music Video Playlist: Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey + More!


Ahhh, Fourth of July. A day where it’s okay to shamelessly flaunt that red, white and blue hat you bought for a “costume,” to shovel down five hot dogs in under an hour, and to listen to your weird uncle recite lines from the Declaration of Independence! (Or is that only my fam?)

It’s also THEE day to watch really, really sweet fireworks and freak out to equal extent each time another one lights the sky. Which is why we compiled a Fourth of July Fireworks Playlist, for your special pyrotechnics viewing!

+ “Firework” Katy Perry

+ “Firework” Animal Collective

+ “4th of July (Fireworks)” Kelis

+ “Fireworks” Drake ft. Alicia Keys

+ “National Anthem” Lana Del Rey

+ “It Ends Tonight” All American Rejects

As we hum along to these fireworks anthems, let’s take a sec to remember that pre-1776, we would not be all buddy buddy with the likes of our British born faves. Calling Spice Girls: where would we be without you?!

Let’s also remember that we still have thousands of American troops serving all over the world. Take some time to reflect on the day and thank those fighting for our freedoms, write a letter or send a care package to soldiers abroad, or volunteer with military families or veterans in your home town! For more action tips, take action below.

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Support the IAVA

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Thank a Vet

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