Indecision’s Funniest Pics Of The Week: Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan’s Gunshow

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Who said the government couldn’t give you the giggles? Certainly not Indecision. We’ve snagged some of their most hilar moments from the Presidential campaign #FAIL this week!

We got GOP wannabe Veep Paul Ryan flexing his power in a muscle polo, President Obama showing off his catalog-ready moves, Michelle Obama blowing up her man’s spot, Chris Christie getting ready to blow up everyone’s spots PLUS Mitt Romney on baby duty. (Let’s hope he doesn’t take any cues from Cam Brady, Will Ferrell’s punchy politician in “The Campaign.”)

Clearly, you’ll be hungry for more political shenanigans after peeping these photos — don’t worry, we got you, boo! Check out our scandalous (sorta!) video featuring Flo Rida, Sophia Bush, Nick Cannon, “Glee’s” Harry Shum Jr and more talking ’bout their first time and test yoself with the latest installment of Who Said It?! Democrat or Diva: Nancy Pelosi vs P!nk (for real, this one is HARD). Now get to scrolling…

Whew, glad that baby survived — Paul Ryan was all wild-eyed with relief that Rom-dawg didn’t manhandle this one. Now put down that candy bar (First Lady is coming for your junk food!). Like what you see? Stay on the funny side of politics with Comedy Central’s Indecision Election Companion, a free app for iPhone and iPad.

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