You’re a ‘BO$$,’ and Fifth Harmony Wants Everyone To Know


Who’s the BO$$? You and your friends are! In honor of their new single “BO$$,” Ally, Normani, Lauren, Camila and Dinah of Fifth Harmony have teamed up with for the #ImABoss campaign.

Studies show that 70 percent of girls don’t think they’re good enough. It could be that they wish they did better in school or they don’t like their looks, or whatever else. It all leads to low self-esteem.

So with this campaign, we girls all come together to tell our friends why they’re a BO$$. has signs you can use (or you can create your own) where you say why your BFF is the BO$$. Maybe she’s the BO$$ because she’s crazy good at sports, or because she just rocked it in the school science fair, or because she’s an unbelievable singer you just know is going to be on MTV someday. Write it on a sign and snap a pic of your friend holding up why she’s the BO$$.

You can submit the pic to the website and that puts you in the running to win a scholarship and an opportunity to hang with Fifth Harmony. This is going on from today through September 9, and feel free to honor as many friends as you’d like. If you talk about it online (make sure you use the hashtags @FifthHarmony and @DoSomething), might even feature you!

“The #ImABoss campaign is exactly in line with our new single BO$$ because it’s all about owning and sharing what makes you confident and strong,” said Fifth Harmony’s Ally. So let’s all be BO$$E$ together!