Beyoncé Song Inspires New Hashtag For Gender Equality

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s another day we can thank Beyoncé for inspiring some kind of gender equality movement. This time it’s her hit “If I Were a Boy” that recently inspired the women of Elite Daily to take a stand.

By turning Bey’s song into a hashtag, twelve female Elite Daily employees shared what they would do differently if they were male. Some of the answers were light-hearted (“I’d be courteous and remember to put the seat down”) while others focused on serious issues facing women (“I would keep my hands to myself”).


Wondering what brought this on in the first place? The women briefly summed up the inspiration behind the campaign, citing the harsh realities of gender inequality:

When we’re young, we’re told that boys and girls all have the same fair shot to get what they want out of life. We’re taught that everyone has the same right to compete for jobs, and to achieve these dreams.

They also added that, when they were younger, they’d “be fighting for our right to be heard, to have a voice.” They didn’t realize “men in power will decide how, and when, and where we do what we want to our bodies.”

It’s an amusing approach to tackle an issue that’s no laughing matter. You can share your answers with Elite Daily by posting what you would do if you were a boy and using the Beyoncé-inspired hashtag.

Photo: (Elite Daily)

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