What 8 Iconic Movies Taught Us About Safe Sex [GIFS]

By Melissa Unger

April is STD Testing Awareness Month. Though the topic of STDs might still seem scary, movies have never shied away from exposing the sometimes embarrassing but super important truths when it comes to sex. Here’s a list of 8 movies that taught us a thing or to about, well, doing it.

+ “Saved!”

Remember that crazy comedy where Mandy Moore as Hilary Faye and Macaulay Culkin as Roland attended a Christian high school? Their friend Mary (Jenna Malone) tries to cure Hilary Faye’s boyfriend of being gay by sleeping with him. After losing her virginity and ending up pregnant, Mary finds herself ostracized and demonized by her former friends including the self-righteous Hilary Faye who turns on her.

The Lesson: The world is not black and white (or right and wrong) and despite what Hilary Faye says, it’s impossible to change someone’s sexuality by having sex with them. However, you can change their STD status (and they can change yours), which is why it’s important to get tested before and after having sex.

+ ” Juno”


Ellen Page’s break out role as Juno was heart-warming and full of hard truths. For example, what do you do after turning 16 and realizing the dude, aka Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), you love and had sex with has gotten you pregnant? In true Juno fashion, she decides to make an offbeat and unusual decision regarding her unborn child.

The Lesson: The choice between having a baby or having an abortion is a lot harder to make than the decision to skip causal sex, no matter how boss Paulie Bleeker is. It’s important to really feel ready when you do the deed.

+ “Superbad”

Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and the character McLoven have one last hurrah before realizing that their co-dependent high school days are over. The trio embark on a booze-soaked party in which they hope to drown their sexual fear and score with their high school crushes.

The Lesson: Alcohol, teenagers and sex lead to awkward, and often unsafe results. Protecting yourself means coming to the party prepared, and not letting anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

+ “The To Do List”

Brandy is an overachieving but socially awkward teenager who graduates as the valedictorian and is in love with college student, Rusty. After Rusty rejects her, Brandy assumes it’s because she is sexually inexperienced. Seeking to change that, she draws up a list of sexual acts that she believes will help her achieve her goal of getting Rusty and heading off to college experienced.

The Lesson: Sex or any sexual act is too important to be put on a “to do list.” Unless of course you mean using protection, which should always be on your “to do list.”

+ “Fast Time at Ridgemont High”

Probably the most iconic teen sex comedy off all times, “Fast Time at Ridgemont High” stars a then unknown Sean Penn. The film follows several teens as they take on yet another year of high school, enjoy malls, sex and rock n’ roll. The majority of the film focuses on Stacy Hamilton, who through the guidance of her friend, loses her virginity and explores the world of boys and eventually an unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

The Lesson: In the immortal words of Stacy Hamilton anyone can have sex, but what she wants is a relationship, especially with uber nerd Mark “Rat” Ratner. It’s important to find a partner you can openly discuss safety with.

+ “Easy A”

Emma Stone shook up Hollywood, in this modern day tale of love, sex and the high school rumor mill. Emma plays a high school student using the high school’s gossips to spread rumors about her fake sex escapade. This is the movie that re-images the iconic tale of the “Scarlet Letter.”

The Lesson: Gossip, rumors and reputation means nothing when it comes to losing one’s virginity. Plus, despite what you may think, chlamydia doesn’t care if you have a clean-cut reputation. Anyone can contract an STD. In fact, 50% of people will contract an STD before age 25.

+ “Clueless”

Alicia Silverstone, plays Cher, the apple of everyone’s eye at the ultra-rich Beverly Hills High School. She learns amongst all the shopping, school and socializing, sex is not what everyone says it is in this modern day tale of Jane Austen’s “Emma. ”

The Lesson: It never hurts to educate yourself about the basics, because no one wants to be clueless when it comes to safety.

+ “American Pie”

In this raunchy comedy, four teenage boys explore sex, yes even doing it with a pie. The foursome also make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.

The Lesson: Here’s the deal: you can plan your losing virginity. You can be prepared by making a protection plan with your partner, getting tested before and after, and using birth control.

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