How To Have The BEST. PROM. EVER.

Photo: WORST. PROM. EVER.'s Chloe Bridges, Daryl Sabara and Haley Ramm

On May 10, you’ll get a chance to witness the “WORST. PROM. EVER.” Don’t get your taffeta in a bunch–it’s only fiction. Still, Act is taking precautions to make sure life doesn’t imitate art.

This, my friends, ought to be your best prom ever. Here’s a baseline checklist for success:

+ DECORATE: Ditch the balloons and go green instead. Do Something has tips on how to make it a paperless prom. Or raid a local thrift store for the weirdest and awesomest garlands to trick out your gym.

+ DINNER: Host a potluck. You’ll save money, will stand to welcome healthier food and can be rowdier, louder and less appropriate than in a stuffy restaurant. Maybe everyone can bring a canned good or two (or ten) to turn it into a food drive for a shelter? Locate your local food bank here.

+ DRESS-UP: Treehugger has the hookup for dressmakers that keep the environment in mind. Or go vintage…a chic way to say “recycle clothes.”

+ POSE LIKE YOU MEAN IT: C’mon. It’s funny.

+ CARPOOL (LIMOPOOL?): Let Act know how you plan to make your prom the best, most socially conscious ever, submit your idea by April 20 and we’ll enter you for a chance to win a limo ride to the main event.

+ OR D.D.: It goes without saying that we in no way condone underage drinking. It’s also true that denial is not a river in Egypt. We know that some kids will probably take their chances and hit the bottle. Declare yourself designated driver and enlist parents to get on board too.

+ DANCE LIKE YOU MEAN IT: For one night, let yourself look like a lunatic and get freeeeee! It’s good for you.

+ AFTER HOURS: Host an after-prom party. Keep the night going without having to stress about winding up in sketchy situations. You know, like those in “WORST. PROM. EVER.”


Tell us how you plan to “Upgrade Your Prom” to benefit you and your community, and you could ride to prom in style with one of our three limo packages! Enter by April 20.

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