How To Do Coachella, Bonnaroo + Other Music Festivals The Right Way

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

After last night’s MTV, VH1 and CMT Artist Platform showcase at SXSW… It’s officially music festival season! If you are one of the few people on Earth who still goes to festivals for the music, congrats on being a much better person than I am.

Speaking of good people, here’s how to be one at your fave spring and summer gatherings.

+ Carpool

Everyone knows that getting there is half the fun! (And getting back is none of it. There’s nothing worse than a three-hour car ride with a three-day hangover.) Grab a few friends and carpool to your festival of choice to save money on gas and reduce your impact on the environment. Every year, Coachella offers free VIP tickets for life to one lucky group of carpoolers! Plus carpooling is a great way to get close to your festival boo thang.*

+ Bring Condoms

You never know. What happens at Bonnaroo stays at Bonnaroo…unless what happens is herpes.

+ Recycle

Your festival memories will live on forever…and so will the trash you leave behind. Do your best to recycle paper products, water bottles, and extremely overpriced beer cans. If you collect enough good karma, maybe your festival boo thang will kiss you in the real world.

+ Pack a Refillable Water Bottle 

STFU. Bottled water and tap water are the exact same thing.

+ Download a Glowstick App

If you wave a glow stick in front of me on any given day, I’ll tell you to get outta here. If you wave a glow stick in front of me at EDC, I’ll ask you to marry me at a Vegas chapel. But all that glowing goo is no good for the environment (or your eyes, as I once learned the hard way)! Be an eco-friendly raver by downloading a glow stick app or buying reusable, battery operated alternatives.

+ Don’t Post EVERYTHING Online

Take tons of awesome pictures, but c’mon people! The world (and, by world, I mean your future employers) doesn’t need to know you passed out face down in a pizza or flashed the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Some things are better off as memories. Now go forth and make some great ones!

*Festival Boo Thang, noun: 1. Someone to make out with whenever the music moves you. 2. A necessary Coachella accessory. 3. Will not answer your calls when you get home from Coachella even though he told you he loved you during Swedish House Mafia. Has anyone seen Eric? I’m looking for Eric.

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Be VIP For Life!

Be VIP For Life!

You could win free VIP tickets to Coachella for the rest of your life just by carpooling!