How To DIY A Painless ‘Pretty Hurts’-Themed VMA Party


Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” is undoubtedly a front-runner for Best Video With A Social Message at this year’s VMAs, and for good reason. The video is both strikingly beautiful, and just so downright moving with it’s message of inner-beauty and happiness trumping vanity and societal pressures. It’s the pre-anthem to “Flawless,” which is just about knowing you’re awesome because goddamn, you woke up like this.

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While there are all sorts of themes your VMA party could have, we got to thinking that a “Pretty Hurts” themed party might actually be the most awesome. After all, what is cooler than just being the beautiful queen that you are, without needing validation from others?

+ Watch Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts”

6 Things To Do At Your “Pretty Hurts”- Themed VMA Party

+ Give Your Friends Pixie Cuts


Emma Watson. Jennifer Lawrence. Anne Hathaway. HALLE BERRY. We don’t need to tell you that pixie cuts are the chop of the brave and confident. Society may want you to have mermaid hair, but this isn’t about doing what society wants, this is about living your best life!

*Also, you will use less water in the shower — even the environment wins!

+ Wear A Sequin Crop Top Like You DGAF


You definitely don’t need to look like Beyonce to wear a crop top – you just need to look like you! So get out that Bedazzler and some old tees or bras and get to work.

+ Smash It Up


While we don’t condone destruction or property, it might be cool to throw away some stuff that makes you feel less than flawless. Those over-photoshopped beauty magazines? In the garbage! Your old Barbie dolls? Out the window! Jeans that are two sizes too small? Donate that shiz! Trust us, once you clear some of this clutter out of your life you will have room to be even more awesome.

+ Sash-ay, Okay?


In “Pretty Hurts” the pageant contestants wore sashes with the names of different low-income neighborhoods on them. Why not make sashes of your own that say things you are proud of, like “Ms. 5k Runner” or “Mr. Cupcake Expert.” Whatever it is, own it — and definitely have a walk off. Vogue like you’ve never Vogued before.

+ Watch Madonna’s “Vogue”


+ DIY Bunny Ears


Get yourself some pipe cleaners or wire and scissors and make yourself some bunny years. Everyone deserves a crown.

+ Exercise In Costume


Working out is healthy and feels awesome, but we’re just sad  some of the fitness fashions of past decades haven’t come back in style. Go dig up your mom’s old legwarmers and headbands and have a fashion show. Take pictures. Instagram the heck out of it.

Pretty can actually feel kind of good.

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards are a wrap! Stick with us for the most talked-about moments, red carpet photos, the VMA winners list and more.

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