How Colorful Donuts Became An Awesome Act Of Kindness

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If you walked in to your local donut shop and asked the person behind the counter for something crazy, what do you think would happen? What if you made the request so crazy that they had to turn you down? What if that was the point?

It might sound crazy, but thatís exactly what Jia Jiang is doing. Jiang is on a 100 day journey in search of constant rejection. After being turned down by an investor, Jiang experienced constant anxiety; he learned about rejection therapy as a game, and he decided to start his own Rejection Therapy project immediately, hoping to be turned down 100 times in 100 days.

By facing constant rejection, Jiang hopes he will be desensitized to the anxiety and pain caused by rejection in his daily life. His 100 Days of Rejection Therapy project began only a few days ago, but on day three, Jiang found defeat in the face of a colorful request of a Krispy Kreme employee.

On day three, Jiang walked in to his local Krispy Kreme and asked an employee, Jackie, for a bizarre favor: he wanted five colored donuts in the shape of the Olympic rings. And he wanted them in the next fifteen minutes.

Expecting to be, as the project calls for, rejected immediately, Jiang was taken aback when Jackie, the best Krispy Kreme employee of all time, tells him sheíll be back in a few minutes.

The best part? Jackie is able to make a pretty incredible replica of the colored rings given what she had to work with. She doesn’t even charge Jiang for it!

Jiang films himself each time he takes on a rejection attempt, so it wasn’t too long before the evidence of Jackie’s awesomeness hit the Internet. The video, promoted on Krispy Kreme’s official Twitter account, already has more than 2.5 million hits and counting.

I love that Jackie was just going about her day, decided to go above and beyond for one strange request and reminded millions of people how powerful one awesome deed can be. Jackie and her colorful donuts did more than thwart Jiang in his journey for rejection: they helped make the world a little better.

Jiang went to visit Jackie two days after filming the video and, no surprise here, Jackie is just as self-deprecating as you’d expect her to be. I’m not sure if Krispy Kreme has an employee of the year program, but I think it’s safe to say Jackie deserves free donuts for life after this week.

If you want to learn more about Jiang’s Rejection Therapy project, check out his blog by taking action below. He’s already attempted to make an announcement over Costco’s intercom system and deliver a Domino’s pizza, but it hasn’t been all rejection. He was able to convince a few Cheesecake Factory employees to sing him Happy Birthday even though it wasn’t actually his birthday. (You go, Cheesecake Factory!)

In the spirit of Jackie and random acts of awesomeness, what are some things you can do to make someoneís day better? Leave us a comment below or send a tweet with your idea!

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