Here’s Why We Are So In Love With Jenny Lewis [GIFS]

By H. Alan Scott

Jenny Lewis, that effervescent indie crooner of magical diddies, has a new album coming out TODAY! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been in love with her ever since she told the Golden Girls to …

Having been a key part of bands like The Postal Service and Rilo Kiley, Lewis has since gone on to identify herself as a powerful solo act with albums like Rabbit Fur Coat, Acid Tongue, and her most recent, The Voyager.

She’s a fearless artist, putting all of herself into every project. Dare I call her fearless? Yep, I dare. One needs to look no further than her songs to see this fearlessness on full display.

+ ‘Just One of the Guys,’ The Voyager


“No matter how hard I try, to be just one of the guys,

There’s a little something inside that won’t let me

Now matter how hard I try, to have an open mind,

There’s a little clock inside that keeps ticking

There’s only one difference between you and me,

When I look at myself all I can see,

I’m just another lady without a baby”

I can’t you guyz, I just can’t. It’s like she’s saying that she’s just like her male Rock & Roll counterparts, but she’s also a woman that has needs! See, raw emotion. It reminds me of that episode of Roseanne where Darlene recites this poem. Yes, not totally related, but I bet Lewis was BFF’s with Gilbert in their childhood star days.

Oh, also, how cool is it that she gets friends like Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson to act like dudes for her. Yep, she’s THAT cool.

+ ‘She’s Not Me,’ The Voyager


“Remember the night I destroyed it all

When I told you I cheated,

And you punched through the drywall

I took you for granted

When you were all that I needed!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Did Lewis cheat? We don’t know, and frankly I don’t care. Because she put it in a song, basically being like, “We all make mistakes folks!” Thank you Jenny.

+ ‘Rise Up With Fists,’ Rabbit Fur Coat


“It’s hard to believe your prophets

When they’re asking you to change things

But with their suspects live we look the other way

Are you really that pure, Sir?

Thought I saw you in Vegas

It was not pretty, but she was”

This is Jenny’s way of saying, “Don’t let others influence you, make up your own minds.” I have, and I’ve decided I love you Jenny (I’m available to go on tour, totally free, nothing holding me back).

+ ‘Acid Tongue,’ Acid Tongue


“So I found myself a sweetheart

With the softest of hands

We were unlucky in love

But I’d do it all again”

My heart Jenny, I can’t take it – but don’t stop, don’t ever stop. Again she’s wearing her heart on her sleeve, and she’s telling us all, “Have fun! Feel things!” I feel you boo.

+ Jenny Being Cool

OK, these aren’t actual Jenny Lewis songs, but rather guest spots. Regardless, they give us a great insight into her fearlessness. Like when she sang Christmas carols with Megadeth for Jimmy Kimmel, or did the very awesome “Bah Bah” for the Postal Service in “We Will Become Silhouettes.” But my personal favorite is when she did this with Zach Galifinakis. Like, I’m gagging with glee.

‘You Are What You Love,’ Rabbit Fur Coat


“Because we live in a house of mirrors

We see our fears and everything

Our songs, faces, and second hand clothes

But more and more we’re suffering

Not nobody, not a thousand beers

Will keep us from feeling so all alone”

Can you take the massive life hammer that Jenny just smashed into the wall that is our souls?!?! Well, you better, because she’s right (of course). You, my friend, are what you love, so why not just love?

If you haven’t embrace Jenny Lewis yet, then you aren’t living your best life. There, I said it. Live your best life, yo! Also, her album is out today!

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