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Diane von Fürstenberg (DVF) is best known for her wrap dresses and amazing prints. But the fashion designer isn’t just about the clothes; she also cares about the women who wear them.

The designer, in partnership with The Diller-von Fürstenberg Family Foundation, created The DVF Awards in 2010 to “recognize and support women who are using their resources, commitment and visibility to transform the lives of other women.”

Each year, five awards are given out including the Inspiration Award, the Lifetime Leadership Award, and two awards to two women within Vital Voices Global Partnership. The remaining award-winner is chosen by popular vote from four nominees. The woman who receives the most votes online receives $50,000 to support her cause.

So who are the four women DVF has chosen to go head to head for the public’s vote? Find out more about the nominees below.

+ Tina Frundt

The Cause: Courtney’s House

The Vision: “Courtney’s House exists to provide a safe place for Child Survivors of Domestic Sex Trafficking to heal and call home.”

Frundt is a survivor of domestic sex trafficking who founded Courtney’s House in 2008. She founded the organization “in order to let survivors know they are not to blame for their trauma and to promote a system-wide change in the way domestic survivors are approached and addressed.”

+ Talia Leman

The Cause: RandomKid

The Vision: “RandomKid is a nonprofit organization, led by women, that leverages the passion and power of girls (and boys) to solve real world problems by providing the resources they need to realize a better world.”

After rallying students from 4,000 school districts to raise more than $10 million, Leman founded RandomKid. The organization “provides free resources to youth with social ventures.” For every dollar she invests in a youth’s initiative, she “brings a 150-1000% return for that youth’s cause.”

+ Colonel Kim Olson

The Cause: Grace After Fire

The Vision: “My mission is to serve women veterans whose dedication and sacrifice today ensures America’s tomorrow!”

A retired United State Colonel, Olson founded Grace After Fire to help women veterans. Grace After Fire has helped over 2,000 women “overcome PTSD, moral injury and trauma through shared experiences assuring these veterans a seamless, successful transition to workplace, family, and community.”

+ Tammy Tibbetts

The Cause: She’s the First

The Vision: “My vision is a world where youth around the world define their aspirations based on brave firsts and achieve them with peer-to-peer support.”

Tibbetts was inspired to start She’s the First after seeing firsthand how many girls worldwide rely on sponsorships to pay for their school fees. She realized that “young women born into the most unfortunate circumstances could unlock their talents and break barriers.” She’s the First has sponsored “more than 200 girls and activated more than 420 sponsorships across 8 countries.”

We’re not sure who will take home the $50,000 prize, but she’ll join some prestigious company: Robin Roberts will take home this year’s Lifetime Leadership Award.

You can vote for your favorite nominee here between now and March 22.

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