High School Filmmaker Honored by Jenks for Best PSA

Andrew Jenks is a young filmmaker who wants to make sure other young filmmakers get a chance to show their work, too! That’s why he’s behind the All American High School Film Festival, and he chose to include a Best PSA category to emphasize how film can highlight pro-social causes.

The winner of Best PSA is 16-year-old Hayden Rusk from Valencia High School, who chose to do a video on child abduction. The young filmmaker told MTV Act more about his PSA, ways to help the cause, and advice he has for other young filmmakers.

ACT: How cool that you won best PSA in Andrew Jenks’ film festival! Why did you decide to make your PSA about child abduction?

HAYDEN: Winning Best PSA at the All American High School Film Festival was incredibly humbling. Just being able to be a part of such an incredible program and being surrounded by such talented kids is rewarding enough. My team and I worked hard to get this PSA to be the best it could be, and I’m glad it got where it did. Child abduction is an issue that isn’t talked about enough, and I hope our message got through to people. If it affects one person, then it was worth it.

ACT: Did you learn more about child abduction while working on this PSA? What’s the most surprising fact you know about child abduction?

: The most shocking fact about child abduction that I learned while making this PSA is the disgustingly large number of abductions there are in a year.

+Watch 2013  AAHSFF Winner, Best PSA

ACT: How can people help in this cause? What should they do if they suspect they’ve seen an abduction or think they know someone who has abducted a child?

HAYDEN: The best advice for stopping abductions, is to raise awareness. Stop abductions before they happen by educating your kids. Teach them about safety, strangers, and trust early on. The staggering amount of child abductors is almost as shocking as the amount of kids taken.

ACT: If a student is interested in filmmaking, what’s your advice to them?

: Filmmaking is storytelling. To be a successful filmmaker, you need to have a story or some sort of meaning behind everything you film. Be innovative. Be creative. Push the boundaries. And most importantly, never stop. Keep learning and keep filming, and never doubt your chance for success.

Photo: (Hayden Rusk)

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