From Best Man to Whose Man? 5 Eligible Starlets for One Direction’s Harry Styles

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

He’s hot, he’s single and he’s perfected the hipster “I comb my hair to make it look like I don’t comb my hair” look. I’m talkin’ about Harry Styles — one-fifth of Brit boy band One Direction. But who should be Harry’s other half? After watching him serve as Best Man as his mom’s wedding, we know you were left wondering, too.

But you can’t date just anyone after you’ve been with Taylor Swift, so we’ve made this list of other eligible young starlets.

+ Miley Cyrus


Is she or isn’t she still engaged, ‘cause if she’s not, Miley Cyrus and Harry should totes get together and share short-hair tips and products. Both superstars also have a bunch of random tats, so they could get matching ink for a cause. If you’re thinking of doing something similar, just remember: Tattoos are forever, but love might not be. Don’t end up like my friend (who shall remain nameless), who has her ex’s initials tatted on her left butt cheek.

+ Nina Dobrev


Nina Dobrev and her “Vampire Diaries” costar Ian Somerhalder recently split, but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little rebound lovin’! When Nina and Ian were together, they visited a young fan at the hospital before her lung transplant surgery. How cute would it be to see Harry and Nina on similar do-good dates?!

+ Rihanna


Rihanna and Harry are both big supporters of Comic Relief — an organization that encourages young people to have fun while giving back … but even without this common ground, Rihanna’s charisma could make Harry wanna “Stay” forever.

+ Jennifer Lawrence


Could it be? Have we found a power couple even more powerful than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Harry reportedly has the hots for Jennifer Lawrence, and if the two were to get together, imagine all of the awesome causes they could raise awareness for with their mega fame! J-Law is particularly passionate about LGBT rights, so maybe she could convince Harry to lend his voice to the cause as well.

+ Bella Thorne


Harry and “Shake It Up” star Bella Thorne have something extremely significant in common: They were both raised by single mothers. Harry’s parents divorced when he was 7, and Bella’s father is, sadly, no longer with us. “Since my dad passed, my mom has had the job of both parents and I am so grateful for her,” she said. “I’ve learned strength and determination from her, and I love her very much.” Harry recently walked his mom down the aisle. Maybe he and Bella will be next?

Which lady could be the future Mrs. Styles? Share your top picks in a comment below, then take action to rep one of their good causes!

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