‘Hard Times” Jayson Blair On Max’s Coming Out Scene + What He Really Thinks Of Bullies

Photo: Jayson Blair arrives at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. (Getty Images)

He gives RJ Berger hell in “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.” But in real life, Jayson Blair (aka Max) ain’t half bad! We got a chance to talk with the star about “Hard Times,” what he really thinks about bullies and what it was like playing a character who comes out on TV…

Congrats on wrapping up Season 2 of the show! How was your actual high school experience? Anything like what we see on “Hard Times”?

Thank you! My high school experience was nothing like what you see on ‘Hard Times.’ Well…at least there were no raging bullies picking on people with bigger dongs than them. I kid, I kid. Everyone kind of kept to themselves, or at least the clique they were in, for the most part. We did have our fair share of outrageous moments though.

This season, your character had to deal with coming out. What was it like playing this role? Did you do anything different, (ie: like speak with young people who’ve come out, etc.), to prepare for it?

In the finale episode Max gets caught kissing a guy in the shower. In preparing for that moment I just imagined what that would be like for Max. I have a lot of friends in the [LGBT] community and have talked with them about coming out and the reactions loved ones had. In doing so, I learned how unique and vastly different it is for each person depending on the family and friends they have.

Your character can be a bully from time to time. What would you say to those who bully in real life?

I say pick on someone your own size, bully! I honestly feel like bullies are more conflicted than their victims and that’s the reason they pick on people. Everyone deals with things in different ways. Bullies just happen to take out the pain they feel on other people. Life is not easy for anyone really. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes every once in a while. There’s something to learn from everyone, believe it or not. The person you think you don’t like for whatever reason could become your best friend in the future. LOVE IS LOUDER.

So what’s next for Max’s character? What should we look out for next season?

Max will definitely be going through some changes. It’s going to be fun to play and I know it’s going to be fun to watch! Stay tuned!

MTV Act is all about getting young people to take action on social causes. What’s an organization or cause that you’re passionate about and how can your fans get involved?

The organization I’m most passionate about right now is called Generosity Water. There’s over a billion people in the world that don’t have access to clean drinking water. Generosity Water builds wells in villages where people would normally have to walk five or more miles a day, for stagnant water. If you’d like to know more, visit the website.

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