Happy Born Day, Lady Gaga: 5 Ways Mother Monster Changed the World at 27!

Photo: (Getty, MTV Act)

Photo: (Getty, MTV Act)

Twenty-seven years ago Lady Gaga was totally born this way, and now she’s helping other people celebrate what makes them unique. While Little Monsters everywhere wish Mother Monster a happy, happy born day, we’re going to highlight five ways Gaga has made a big diff in the past year. And trust us, it A LOT of good stuff!

+ Born This Way Foundation


Photo: The Born Brave Bus in Tacoma, WA. (Kevin Casey, Wire Image)

Gaga has gone further with the Born This Way Foundation. She launched a poster contest and we were able to interview Kayleigh, who won with her poster about acceptance. Mother Monster also got the Born Brave Bus Tour up and running, and though she’s been recovering from a hip injury, the bus is still making its rounds.

+ Body Revolution 2013


Photo: Gaga Tweeted this photo with the caption, “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.”(littlemonsters.com)

After some in the media lashed out at Gaga for gaining weight, she started the Body Revolution 2013 to help people celebrate their bodies. People went online to share pictures of themselves, and Gaga shared some of her faves through Twitter. The singer has admitted to eating disorders in the past, and her openness has helped other talk openly about their body struggles and acceptance.

+ The Election 

SLDN Grassroots Rally In Support of Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Photo: Mother Monster speaking in Maine for LGBT rights.(Getty)

Lady Gaga was vocal in the 2012 election, asking fans for their opinions and encouraging them to vote.  She’s so political and inspiring that we even created a quiz, asking who said the quote: Mother Monster or President Barack Obama?! Off in Twitterland she shot her millions of Tweeps a question about what they wanted in a president, and also made the hashtag #VoteWithYourRightsNotYourWallet. Some fans joked they just wanted Gaga as president. But would she be known as prez Gaga or Germanotta?!

+ Sandy Relief


Photo: Awwww. Lady Gaga and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg share the last dance! (Getty)

As a native and proud New Yorker (Aren’t they all?!), Gaga was devastated to see the destruction Hurricane Sandy brought. She Tweeted words of support and love, but she also put her money where her mouth was by donating one million dollars to the Red Cross.

+ Shaving Her Head


Photo: Gaga sans hair in honor of Terry Richardson’s mom. (littlemonsters.com)

Lady Gaga does many things for fashion, but she shaved her head for a friend. Her photographer and BFF Terry Richardson lost his mom to cancer, and to show her support, Lady Gaga took the razor out to her own hair. She Tweeted a pic of it, saying, “I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy.”

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Born This Way Foundation

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