Torri Needed A Hand, And Her Friends Found An Amazing Way To Get Her One.

It’s time to make a video go viral for a good cause! Torri, a teen who was born without a hand, was given a bionic one through her friends, Invisible Children, The Buried Life and The Hangar Clinic. If the vid on her story reaches one million views, The Hangar Clinic will donate another bionic arm to someone in need.

Torri’s friends got on social media to start a campaign to get her a hand, using #HandForTorri as the hashtag. It worked — the hashtag caught the eyes of the guys at “The Buried Life” and they knew they had to do something. They worked with Torri’s friends to get her to go to Invisible Children’s Fourth Estate Conference. Meanwhile, they got in touch with The Hangar Clinic because they make amazing prosthetic arms.

Torri was brought out on-stage, where she learned that The Hangar Clinic was going to give her a bionic arm. In the vid we get to see this and more as Torri gets the hang of her new arm.

+ Watch Girl With One Arm Hugs Dad For The First Time #HandforTorri

Stuff like this doesn’t come cheaply — The Hanger Clinic donated $150,000.00 to make this happen — so you see why not everyone can run out and get a bionic arm. That’s why we’ve got to make this go viral, because it’s such a simple way we can all do something to help another person. The guys at “The Buried Life” are always trying to see what they can accomplish next, and let’s see this out with them!

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Watch and share the vid!

Watch and share the vid!

Watch and share Torri's vid to help it go viral!