8 Halloween Costumes With A Message Inspired By Katy Perry, One Direction + More!

Photos: Kelly Ripa, Katy Perry and Louis Tomlinson.

Struggling to find a Halloween costume this year? If you need inspiration, we’ve chosen some rad Halloween outfits worn by celebs. Plus, each one comes with a treat (no tricks): a positive message!

+ Hilary Duff as a Global Humanitarian

In 2010, we saw Hilary Duff step out as charity goddess Angelina Jolie alongside her boo, Mike Comrie, who obvi dressed as Brad Pitt. Angie is the epitome of philanthropy queen. The work she does with the United Nations is simply remarkable! Just recently she visited a refugee camp in Jordan to help create buzz on a plight of refugees who fled from Syria.

+ DJ Pauly D as an Education Advocate

Jersey Shore“‘s very own DJ Pauly D went disguised as education advocate Justin Bieber. Did you know for every ticket sold on JB’s Believe Tour a portion will be donated to Pencils Of Promise to help build schools around the world?  Also, did you know that a $25 donation to POP educates one child for an entire year? <– Fact.

+ Kelly Ripa as an Anti-Bullying Activist

The gorge Kelly Ripa puffed up the hair, got a golden tan and went as new mommy Snooki in 2010! Snooki = courageous bully fighter!  Snooks even teamed up with MTV’s A Thin Line campaign to help spread a positive message on bullying. “I honestly ignored [my bullies]…Then I broke down probably in 10th grade,” she shares in one of our exclusive clips. “You definitely need to say something, because if you don’t it all builds up inside of you, and then you start to have other problems,” she added.

+ Nicole Richie as a Feminist

Last Halloween, mini-mogul Nicole Richie rocked a hot pink outfit channeling her inner Jennifer Lopez! Twinsies! J. Lo is a positive voice for women worldwide, and recently got political in a new women’s rights PSA for President Obama’s re-election campaign! Jennifer even has her own foundation the Lopez Family Foundation, which focuses on improving the lives of women and children. Also, when does she sleep?

+ Katy Perry as a War Hero

Katy Perry werked it in camouflage — it’s an easy costume that shines a light on our brave troops — still abroad and returning home, getting back into civilian life. Back in May, Not-quite-Sgt. Perry took the stage by storm in the Big Apple during Fleet Week to perform for service men and women. Plus, patriotism is always “in” style!

+ Fergie as a LGBT-Friendly Girl Scout

The Boy Scouts may not accept the LGBT community but the Girl Scouts do! Fergie dressed as one and we think you should, too. (Feel free to wear the full shirt…) Support LGBT rights, and celebrate the Girl Scouts stepping out for equality.

+ Christina Aguilera as a Healthcare Provider

Two debates may be over between President Obama and Mitt Romney but we think you should dress as nurse — like Christina Aguilera — to keep the healthcare convo going! After all, Halloween is only days before the election. The singer recently took to Twitter to help Molly, an adorable young Kenyan girl who is living in poverty. She wanted her followers to help feed the hungry like Molly.

+ One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson as a Healthy Food Option

And if none of those work for you, why not dress as a vegetable! We saw One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson dress like a carrot and what better time to promote healthy eating than on the night we go collecting sugary treats?

Which costume did you like best? Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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