Hai Ladies! Are you helping your Mo Bros out?!

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Not sure what a Mo Sista is? She’s simply a lady who loves and supports her Mo Bro. Not sure what a Mo Bro is? That dude growing a mustache all month long (November = Movember). You’ve probably seen one or quite a few of ‘em lately. And it’s not to look like Burt Reynolds but to raise funds to fight prostate and testicular cancer.

Wondering how to be a legit Mo Sista? Just follow Malin Ackerman’s lead in the video below.

In all seriousness, check in with the Mo Bros in your life. After all, Movember isn’t just about growing awesome facial hair — it’s about raising awareness for important men’s health issues.

Here are a few tips on how you can help your Mo Bro out:

+ Compliment his ‘stache –- it’ll totally help it grow.

+ Get important info. Did you know that 1 of out 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime?! Score some free health materials and info about Movember for yourself and to hand out to your guys.

+ Spread love, it’s the Movember way! Have a Mo party with your fellow Mo Sistas and talk about how to help raise awareness.

+ Post a pic. Use the photo we used for this story as an inspiration board (How Lauren Conrad of you!) or post it on your FB/Twitter.

Ladies, let us know how your Movember is going and how you’re standing by your Mo Bro this month!

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