Guess Who We Spoke To On LOGO’s ‘Trailblazers Awards’ Red Carpet?

Logo TV's "Trailblazers" - Arrivals

(Roberta Kaplan, Jason Collins, and Edie Windsor at the Trailblazers Awards red carpet)

On the one year anniversary of the fall of DOMA, Logo TV is celebrating the first ever Trailblazer Awards, which is all about praising LGBT pioneers who are raising the bar for equality. As I arrived on the carpet, the energy was bursting with excitement.

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The night honored a handful of LGBT game changers like Edie Windsor, to the cast of “Orange Is The New Black” (OMG, love the new season), and I was there to chat it up with all your faves who are using their voices to make a difference.

When Edie stopped by to chat with me, I couldn’t help but ask her what the best advice she has ever received. Of course, she gave me a gem of a quote telling me,”Don’t postpone joy.”

The show also brought out Demi Lovato, who took the stage to open up about her personal attachment to the LGBT community (watch tonight to see!). Demi walked the carpet looking STUNNING, and radiated kindness as she talked with all the outlets working the carpet.

While the night celebrated trailblazers like Edie and Jason Collins, they also focused on the young ones who are already making quite the names/ impact for themselves. One of those is the one and only, Lohanthony! The young YouTube star is a fierce new voice for the younger generation inspiring his fans through his army of YouTube fans. With the internet often comes bullying, so I had to ask him how he handles this.

He told me, “Most of the time I just close my laptop, I mean, it’s just internet stuff. But, if I am feeling like I can’t take it I go to my parents and eat some food.” I mean, grabbing a slice of pizza is always helps.


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