[VIDEO] What Would Be Grouplove’s Presidential Campaign Song?

Photo: (Getty)

You may have heard of the fun-loving band Grouplove. You may have not. Regardless, you have def. heard of their summer jam “Tongue Tied.” We love the song so much! When Grouplove recently came by the MTV offices we picked the band’s collective brain and asked them. “If y’all were running for president what would be your campaign song?”

But first let’s take a second here to sweat Grouplove. Back to the song “Tongue Tied.” Doesn’t it make you want to dance around in circles or hold hands with a really cute guy in a flowery field in the middle of nowhere?!?! OK, maybe it’s just me that has daydreams of prancing around in a field with Ryan Lochte. And the music video for the song is so not snore. Watch their video below which includes a shirtless dude running backwards and creepy guys in suits and lucha libre masks.

Awesome song, legit band. So with the election just around the corner, (November 6 people!) we chatted with Grouplove about what would be their campaign song if they were running for President. They couldn’t decide on one song¬† (well, drummer Ryan Rabin is adamant about one 80’s hit, to the point where he keeps singing it!)

+Watch What Would Be Grouplove’s Campaign Song?

So there you have it, Grouplove’s campaign songs which coincidentally, all begin with the letter “M.” And while you’re at it remember: You’ve got the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with our super easy registration tool.