Go Back-To-School Shopping + Give Back To Others!

Photos: (Beats, Warby Parker, Toms, FEED, Office Depot, Invisible Children)

Photos: (Beats, Warby Parker, Toms, FEED, Office Depot, Invisible Children)

It’s that time of year again. We know you need all the right gear to head back to campus this semester, so we’re here to school you on the back-to-school items you can’t live without and the ones that give back.

If you’re looking for the products that go beyond the basics and make a difference in the lives of others, here’s what you need to do:

+ Focus on Function


You can walk to the dining hall if you want food, but what about the millions of people starving around the world? Put your books in this FEED Function Bag, and you’ll not only have an awesome book bag, but you’ll also help provide 100 meals to those in need. ($130)

+ Decorate Your Dorm


If you’re moving into a dorm this fall, you’ll probably need a cool poster to liven up the place. This inspirational print will motivate you to get the most out of your education, and $7 from your purchase will go to Sevenly’s cause of the week. ($24)

+ Book It on a Bike


Walking around campus can be challenging, so consider investing in another form of transportation. If you buy this bike from Pure Fix Cycles, they’ll donate $100 to help fund charity: water’s operating costs. ($325)

+ Slip on a Sleeve


If you’re the kind of student who wants to type notes, you’ll need to keep your laptop safe. This laptop sleeve from Invisible Children was handcrafted in Northern Uganda, and the proceeds help empower women affected by the LRA conflict. ($59)

+ Listen to Save Lives


Whether you’re zoning out to study or just need a dance break, you’ll need headphones to play some music. For every pair of Beats Solo HD headphones sold, Beats by Dr. Dre donates a portion of the proceeds to The Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. ($199.95)

+ Step Into School Pride  


Showing your school pride is as easy as throwing on your school’s colors, but why not take that a step further? Buy a pair of Campus Classics shoes to show your support, and for every pair you buy, TOMS will donate a pair to someone in need. ($48)

+ Don (Sunglasses) + Donate


Unless you’re taking only night classes, you’ll probably need some cool shades to keep the sun out of your eyes when you’re heading to class. Buy a pair of these Warby Parker sunglasses, and you’ll receive a $30 gift card to fund the DonorsChoose.org project of your choice. ($95-150)

+ Take (Nice) Notes


Everyone needs a notebook to write down reminders or take notes, so why not get one that helps fight bullying? If you’re a One Direction fan, pick up one of these Harry Styles notebooks: A portion of the sales will fund the Office Depot Foundation’s anti-bullying education program. ($3.99)

What are your favorite products on our back-to-school list? Which ones will you bring to college this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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