‘Glee’ Rocks The Vote, Santana Comes Out to Grandma + More Favorite Season 3 Moments

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It is a sad week for Gleeks all over the world: the “Glee” Season 3 finale is really here! So many questions, so little time. Who is coming back? What will they do? Well…. for now I’m going to take a look back into the Glee-mazing season by highlighting the most important and inspiring “Glee” moments!

+ Santana comes out to her Abuela. Episode 7 resonates with me the most — Santana coming out to her Grandma is just a powerful scene! Santana garners the courage to come out to her grandmother, her beloved Abuela. In this brave act of audacity, she is quickly shut down by her grandmother, and actually kicked out of her house. The lesson in this is critical. You may not be accepted immediately by everyone, but being honest is of the utmost importance. It gets better, and it did for Santana!

+ Mr. Schuester proposes to Emma. Next up on the list is Mr. Schuester making the decision to finally purpose to Emma. Although she battles with OCD, the Schuesternator sees past this. We all saw Emma’s internal battle with OCD throughout the season, but what was so beautiful was seeing Will Schuester love her for who she is no matter what! Love is louder! <3

+ Sex for the first time. Rachel, as well as Kurt and Blaine, juggle the “sex talk” this season. Tina steps up to explain that there isn’t “a time” to lose ones virginity. As long as one is safe, it shouldn’t be something one is afraid to talk about. The “sex talk” is certainly one to be had with your partner, so head over to It’s Your (Sex) Life to learn more about sex, STDs, preventing pregnancy, and more!

+ Coach Beiste discovers self-worth and leaves abusive partner. Our fourth standout memory of season 3 would be an episode focusing on Coach Beiste. Abuse is a hard topic to discuss, but this episode we find out that she is being abused by her husband, Cooter Menkins. At school she is confronted by the girls of Glee Club, but Beiste defends her husband saying he has changed. Then we see Beiste begin to change. She starts to realize she must stand up for herself and leave her husband. In a powerful conversation he asks: “Who’s is going to love you like I did.” And in a powerful moment, Beiste tearfully answers “Me.” Awww! Visit Love Is Respect for more on how to get help with dating abuse.

+ Kurt’s dad and Sue Sylvester run for Congress. This season we see Kurt’s dad runs for congress. Who does he run against? None other than Sue Sylvester herself. Sue runs on the platform of anti-arts in schools… shocking! I know. *rolls eyes* This of course affects the Glee Club and reveals just how arts in the schools are important to people: Kurts dad ends up winning the election! Do your part at VH1 Save The Music, and flex your power with MTV Power of 12 below!

+ “Glee” introduces first transgender character. In this episode, “Glee” shines a light on the transgender community. Meet the character Unique, a transgender character who is coming to terms with her identity. Unique, who is a part of Vocal Adrenaline embodies the essence of “hope.” She was able to overcome her struggle and achieve greatness while doing what she loved. Be sure to check out GLAAD for more on issues affecting the transgender community.

+ The sexy Spanish teacher’s DREAM comes true. Ricky Martin played the Ohio-born son of undocumented Chilean parents who earned the opportunity to teach Spanish. “My parents had to lie about their citizenship to go to high school and now I’m teaching it. That’s the American dream, right?” Way to define American, Ryan Murphy!

Did we miss some of your favorite moments? Share them with us in the comments below!

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