Easy Ways to Give Back on #WorldAIDSDay

Photo: (The Body Shop/UNAIDS)

Today is World AIDS Day and what does that mean for you? A lot.

For starters, it’s also the 30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS. And to date, 30 million people have lost their lives to the disease. And 30 years later, there is no cure or vaccine for AIDS. Um yeah, that shit cray.

World AIDS Day, started here in the US in ’95 and now observed in countries around the globe, is designed to keep our attention focused on the need for care and a cure for HIV/AIDS. This year’s theme, “Learning With Science, Uniting for Action,” reminds us that while researchers and scientists hustle for treatment options (like recent breakthroughs developing a vaccine), the rest of us can bind together with information, support and human kindness.

So how can we give back in a few minutes (if not seconds) and without having to donate dollars (which is always good, but we know times are tough). Here ya go:

Help make #WorldAIDSDay trend on Twitter . As our friends at Staying Alive wrote, “This really is one of the easiest ways to make your voice heard– throw your tweet finger up and shout out #WorldAIDSDay to let your friends and followers know what time it is. If enough people support the cause, we will be trending in no time for all to see.”

+ Join Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Jessie J. and other stars and create your own panel on the digital (2015)QUILT. It’s colorful, cool and easy to do. Why does it matter? The panels are from people across the world who are fighting to end AIDS in 2015 — which would mark the first AIDS free generation in 30 years. Pretty epic, right?

Buy a condom from ConCon.org You can make purchases online discreetly (To avoid those awkward moments buying condoms at CVS!) and proceeds from every purchase will go towards much needed contraceptives in underserved communities domestically as well as internationally!

+ Retweet this message from us and LifeStyles Condoms will donate condoms to the Staying Alive Foundation, MTV’s global HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness campaign. See?! We told you some of these tips takes a few seconds!

+ Take a quick quiz about HIV. It takes less than 5 minutes and you might just learn something new today. While you’re at it, tell someone about your newfound knowledge. Or Tweet. It. Out.

+ We can’t get enough of Alicia Keys today. Right before Beavis & Butthead tonight, tune in to Showtime at 9 pm ET/PT for the documentary premiere of Keep a Child Alive with Alicia Keys.” The film follows five awesome do-gooders who won a contest to travel to South Africa with Alicia and help children and adults who are living with HIV and AIDS.


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