Get That Diploma: 5 Ways College Will Change Your Life


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Just in time for National College Application Week, MTV and Get Schooled are doing a collabo with Vine and GIF artists to create cute and helpful digital art pieces about education. We’re getting in on the fun by giving you five ways that college will change your life.

+ Making Mo’ Money

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Many careers require you to have graduated from college, and those jobs also typically pay better. For instance, a person with a bachelor’s degree typically earns 70% more than people the same age who don’t have a degree.

+ Learning New Stuff

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Colleges classes tend to be more in-depth than what you get in high school. So even if you take a class on a subject you’ve taken before, don’t be surprised if you learn new things. But of course, the first thing you gotta do is get there. Get Schooled has a list of great tools to help you go, pay, and finish college.

+ Networking


Photo: (Tumblr/henrytheworst)

College isn’t just about education — it’s also about meeting people. Along with studying for the career of your choice, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with people in the same field. This can help you get hired after you graduate.

+ Expanding Your Horizons

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Going to college might make the world seem like a bigger place, both because of what you study and who you meet. It’s a big, big world out there!

+ Preparing Yourself

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Growing up can be pretty intimidating (or, you know, super-intimidating) but college is also there to help you be ready for adulthood. So if you need help getting ready for college (which in turn will help you get ready for being a grown-up), you can check out what Get Schooled has going on. Like, have you checked out Mytonomy, a video Q&A that will help answer your college Qs? There’s also the app Zombie College, which will help with milestones and requirements for getting into college. All good stuff, baby!

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