Private Film Screening? Visit From A Teen Hearthrob? 400 Bronx Students Had The Best Day Ever!

Photo: "Admission" actor Nat Wolff and director Paul Weitz pose with students of Validus Prep. (Amy Sussman/Invision/AP)

Photo: “Admission” actor Nat Wolff and director Paul Weitz pose with students of Validus Prep. (Amy Sussman/Invision/AP)

What would you do if you and your classmates were invited to a private screening of the film “Admission” and afterwards saw teen hearthrob Nat Wolff IRL talk about 7th grade heartbreaks, his fave actors and whatnot?! It happened to 400 students at Validus Prep in Bronx, New York!

And I was there to witness this in all it’s glory. I gotta admit, I was tired as all hell when I rolled up to the school but once I saw the hundreds of screaming girls (and some boys), I totally woke up. The energy in Validus Prep was ON.

How did these lucky students score such VIP treatment? Well it’s not luck — it’s because they worked hard. Like even Rick Ross can’t handle their hustle! They earned the screening and chat with Nat (That so rhymed!!!) because they’re in Get Schooled’s Future Forward Challenge and scored the most points during a one-week span. The challenge is aimed at high schools getting points for doing college-readiness things like visiting colleges and taking Get Schooled quizzes.

Along with Validus Prep, Kit Lucas a sophomore at Skyview High School in Soldotna, Alaska scored the most points individually (out of um, 500,000 students) in the Future Forward Challenge. So homegurl was also present for the screening and Q&A with Nat!

And if you think “Admission” is the name of some new SAT prep class, think again. It’s a new film, out on March 22, starring Nat alongside Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. Tina plays a Type A college admissions officer at Princeton who has an unlikely romance with Paul Rudd (JELLY) and thinks that she might be Nat’s baby momma (as she put her child for adoption back in the day). Check out the hilarious trailer below!

+ Watch the “Admission trailer.

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