Get Real & Give Back With The ‘Real World St. Thomas’ Cast

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The “Real World St. Thomas” roomies have a few things in common that will def make for a can’t-take-my-eyes-off-of-screen season.

Steamy secrets? Duh. Tattoos? Marie and Robb share the same Hakuna Matata tatt — how weird?! An exotic island house that’s only accessible by boat? Yup. Ermm, social activism? You bet! This season’s players (no we’re not just referring to Trey, ladies) have done their fair share of Act-worthy deeds.

+ If you love giving back to your community: meet Swift

While studying at Temple University in Philadelphia, Swift volunteered as a mentor for impoverished youths with the Inspire Our Future program. Swift feels strongly about the negative affects the economy has had on so many hardworking parents who are struggling to support their families, and wishes he had enough money to start a business that could provide jobs for the unemployed.

+ If you’re into education: meet LaToya

Born and raised in Petersburg, VA, Latoya felt lucky to have parents who stressed the importance of a good education. While working as a resident’s assistant for Virginia State University (VSU), LaToya held food and clothing drives around residence halls at the end of each semester to donate to area shelters and less fortunate families. At the time, she viewed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend as the Michelle and Barack Obama of VSU.

+ If you’re passionate about working with kids with special needs: meet Laura

Laura participated in cancer walks, heart walks and autism walks during high school, and her do-good tendencies didn’t stop there. Laura once worked as a paraprofessional at Brook Valley School — a special needs school — where she works mainly with autistic children. Currently, she is looking into becoming a Big Sister in Omaha where she’ll serve as a role model for young girls facing adversity.

+ If you’re down to let people ‘live and let live’: meet Marie

This self-proclaimed chick with the Statitude (Staten Island Attitude) is an outspoken ex-Capitol Hill worker who believes people should be able to do and say what they want. In the wise words of Marie: “Who is anyone to say what others should do?” Marie is all about pro-choice and gay rights!

+ If law enforcement speaks to you: meet Robb

Robb wants to serve the city he lives in. That’s why he’s taking classes in criminal justice and pursuing a career as a police officer or FBI agent. Robb coached basketball for the Police Athletic League for two summers and was part of the “Building a Better Bensalem Together” organization in high school, where he worked to make his hometown a better place to live and work.

+ If you’re concerned about the poor and government transparency: meet Brandon

Currently residing in Quincy, MA, Brandon has supported his mom and little sister for years. While he is presently couch-surfing and without a home, he aims to stay civically engaged through personal ups and downs. Brandon believes that the government needs to be more honest with its citizens and that the world is in desperate need of caring leaders.

+ If you’re a natural motivator: meet Trey

As captain of his varsity football team in high school, Trey has always been a vocal leader. When Trey moved on to play college football for Frostburg State University, he participated in charity work with local organizations and helped out with the Frostburg Storybook Holiday event, a daylong celebration for families.

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